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6    ALISTAIR MATHEWS, 12, Eaton Road, Branksome Park, Poole (Dorset).

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129. Correggio (see above) Standing robed figure (? of Christ): the lower part, of flowing drapery in red chalk, is more finished than the upper in lighter red & black chalk. From the collection of Paul Sandby (Lugt 2112). 9¾ x 4⅞ inches, 237 x 123 mm. £65

130. Desiderii (Giovanni Domenico, Rome 1623-1667, a pupil of Claude Lorrain whose influence is seen in this important and beautiful drawing). Pen & ink & bistre, trees at the edge of a forest, in the middle is a small stone bridge, on the extreme right a distant round fort on rising ground. 14⅛ x 19¼ inches, 359 x 485 mm., there are traces of a central vertical fold but the sheet has been laid down. Compare the illustrations on page 109 of vol. 57 (1930) of the BURLINGTON MAGAZINE for the work of this artist. £85

131. Dandini (Vincenzo, of Florence, 1607-1675)  
Red chalk, hounds & ducks, 5¼ x 7½ inches, 148 x 192 mm. £8

133. Jacopo da Empoli, Chimenti (1551-1640) Pen & ink & bistre, Coronation of the Virgin: below are 8 saints & evangelists. 9⅛ x 8⅛ inches, 230 x 210 mm £48

134. Franceschini (M. A., Bologna 1648-1792) Pen & ink over faint chalk outline, Assumption of the virgin, with angels & cherubs (rather similar to his "Charity" in the Uffizi). Square = 10½ inches, 268 mm £8

135. Galeppini (Guiseppe Maria, c. 1625, worked chiefly in Bologna) Pen & ink & bistre, a saint kneels before the Holy Family: (on verso, 2 small nude flying angels in pen & ink & red chalk). 6¾ x 9¼ inches, 172 x 235 mm. 10£ 

136. Ghezzi (P. L., 1674-1755) Two separate thick-pen & ink drawings touched with wash. SIGNED, 
(1) A woman, standing, she is well-dressed & smiling, inscribed by the artist "NANNINELLA." 10¾ x 7½ inches, 230 x 188 mm. £20
(2) Stout man, profile, leaning on a stick, inscribed by the artist "IL CAPO DEI MERCANTI," 9⅛ x 7¾ inches, 230 x 197 mm. £20

137. Giordano (Luca, of Naples, 1632-1705) Pen & ink & light wash, "The Test of Gideon" (he is on horseback, watching the men drink either directly from the river, or by cupping their hands). The attribution was made by A. E. Popham. From the collections of: T. Hudson, R. Houlditch, Richardson, C. R. Rudolf, with their respective marks. 14¾ x 21¼ inches, 374 x 540 mm. Some holes have been repaired & the right edge is slightly defective, not affecting the figures. An impressive drawing by the brilliant Neapolitan. £150

138. Giordano  (Luca, 1632-1705, of Naples) Pen & ink, a very spirited Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, 9⅞ x 15¼ inches, 252 x 389 mm. £50 

139. "Guercino" (G. F. Barbieri, 1591-1666) Bistre brush. The standing figure of the angel of the annunciation, facing. 6¼ x 3½ inches, 160 x 89 mm. £45

140. Guercino (see above) Pen & Brown ink ½ length profile of a bearded man wearing a cap, facing left. 8 x 6¾ inches, 202 x 172 mm. £100

141. Lasinio (G. P., of Florence, 1789-1855) Pen & ink & bistre heightened with white. The angel frees Saint Peter from prison & leads him past the sleeping guards; two other angels open the gate. Signed with monogram P.L From the Del Majno collection (c.f. Lugt No. 2318). 11⅝ x 15⅞ inches, 295 x 403 mm. £14

142. Longhi (Alessandro, of Venice, 1733-1813, son of Pietro, a pupil of Nogari) Pencil on white paper, a ½ length seated study of a lady inscribed "Nob. Sigra. Elena Barea." She is apparently engaged on making embroidery. Drawn surface about 5 x 4 inches, 125 x 100 mm., on paper 11⅜ x 7¾ inches. From the C. R. Rudolf collection, with his mark. £95

144. Marigliano (Giovanni, of Naples, called "da Nola," 1488-1558) Pen & ink, a fantastic marine-centaur, with a conch-blowing friend, carries off an all-too-willing girl. A sea-sprite with long ears, watches from the left. 5½ x 7⅞ inches, 138 x 201 mm. In a very early hand on verso "Gio. da Nola." £26

145. School of Michelangelo. A spirited full-length study of a man, pen & brown ink, 14⅝ x 7⅝ inches, 370 x 192 mm. This distinguished study is from the C. R. Rudolf collection & has his mark (Lugt. Suppl. 2811b). See Goldscheider's Phaidon Press Michelangelo Drawings, figure 203, Battista Franco's Battle of Montemurlo 1537 (Pitti). Also plate & number 326 of the Ashmolean Catalogue of Italian Drawings. Also Berenson, Drawings of the Florentine Painters, 1938 edition, figure 790 (& page 362 of vol. I, possibly by Andre di Michelangelo thought Berenson). £180 

146. Mola (Pier Francesco, 1612-1666) Pen & brown ink, Hager & Ishmael cast out by Abraham." 5 x 4 inches, 125 x 103 mm. Early writing on verso includes "Gio. Battista mio figliolo . . ."  £10

147. Raffaello da Montelupo (c. 1504-c. 1566)
Pen and ink, full-length nude young athlete, seated on a rock, facing left, right knee raised to waist-level, right arm to fore-head-level. 10¼ X 6¾ inches, 260 X 170 mm. For the style, compare Berenson's plate 831 ("Drawings of Florentine Painters," 1938 edition) & his No. 1720 (" . . . by the hand which has done so many of the drawings ascribed to Michelangelo at (the Ashmolean Museum) Oxford. It is the hand which I believe to be Montelupo's.") £30

148. Raffaello da Montelupo (see above) Pen & ink, careful studies of male left legs and thighs, 10⅝ X 7½ inches, 270 X 190 mm. (The companion drawing to this, bought from a different source, was item 114 in my 61st catalogue). £30

149. Montelupo (see above) Brown pen and ink, torso of an écorché, 9½ X 7¼ inches, 237 X 182 mm. £18

151. Palma (Jacopo, "Giovane," Venice 1544-1628) Christ as a child, among the doctors in the temple. Pen & ink & bistre heightened with white, DATED 1627. From the C. R. Rudolf collection, with his mark (Lugt Suppl. 2811b). 11⅝ X 8 inches, 295 X 200 mm. £275

152. Palma (see above) The baptism of an adult, 6½ X 11⅛ inches, 167 X 282 mm., the top arched (as drawn, not cut). Drawn circa 1600 according to C. R. Rudolf, in whose collection this drawing was (see preceding item). Pen & ink & bistre. £180

153. Palma Giovane (1544-1628) Pen & ink & bistre heightened with white. The Circumcision. On the right is a cloaked pilgrim, in left foreground two men. On one of the steps are two ovi-form jars. 7⅜ X 5-1/16 inches, 186 X 128 mm. Visible through the thin backing is an old inscription to Giacomo de Palma. £75 

154. Luzio Romano (assistant to Perino) Pen & ink & bistre: has been pricked for transfer. Seated woman, full-length, facing, grasping a staff formed of an eagle's head & a horse's foot. 17½ X 13 inches, lower blank corners cut, top arched. £35 

155. Passarotti (B., 1529-1592) Two splendidly vigorous pen drawings from the C. R. Rudolf collection:——
(1) A man's hand to the wrist (from Michelangelo's David) 7 X 9½ inches, 178 X 240 mm. £21
(2) A man's hand and fore-arm (from Michelangelo's Pietà of c. 1542, see Goldscheider's Phaidon Press "M. Drawings" plate 114) 4¼ X 9 inches, 106 X 230 mm. £24.

156. Penni (Luca, c. 1488-1528) Bistre brush touched with coloured wash on paper defective in places on the blank edges, laid down on canvas, profile head of a young man looking upwards, lips parted in fear. 12 3/4 X 9 1/2 inches, 322 X 241 mm. From the Robert-Dumesnil collection (Lugt 2200). £60 

157. Polidoro da Caravaggio (1496/1500-1543) Pen & ink & bistre on green paper. A nude youth bearing a vase of flowers: within an oval garland of laurel are the heads of a young poet & a philosopher. In the right foreground a farmer urges on a yoke of oxen. A goat & a putto are on the left. 6 1/4 X 8 1/3 inches, 160 X 214 mm.  £45

158. After Perino del Vaga (mid 16th century) Pen & ink & bistre: a satyr bears a basket of fruit: a putto in a cloud above a group of bulls: (on verso, a philosopher with 2 putti, pen & ink over faint red chalk). 8 1/2 X 12 1/4 inches, 218 X 315 mm. £12 

159. Procaccini (Ercole, the younger, Milan 1596-1676) Red chalk on white paper, head of monk 3/4 profile facing right, gaze slightly downward, a firm, lined face of great character & a splendid drawing. 7 1/2 X 5 3/4 inches, 188 X 145 mm, watermark= ZA in circle surmounted by trefoil & the word Bergmo in border. £45 

160. Raphael school, a very near-follower, perhaps Penni or Giulio Romano. Pen & ink, Christ as the Triumphany Saviour, with Saint Paul & another saint on each side, 4 1/2 X 5 inches, 113 X 125 mm.  £85

161. Raphaelesque qroup of heads in red & black chalk, laid down on paper. 10 3/4 x 17 1/4 inches, 275 x 435 mm. There are 3 heads of men, 2 children & one of a woman. There is damage to the forehead & one eye of one man, much less damage to the cheek & nose of another man & a very trifling defect in one cheek of the woman. Otherwise this is a particularly decorative & beautiful sheet. £25 

162. Raphaelesque head of bearded Saint Peter, looking upwards to the left, silhouetted & neatly inlaid (not laid-down). 8 1/4 x 8 inches, 208 x 203 mm. £8

163. Reni (Guido, 1575-1642) Pen & ink & gray wash, Saint Peter kneels to pray, the keys in foreground, the cock crows on the left, a book is open on a rock before the saint. 7 x 4 1/2 inches, 175 x 114 mm. Manuscript collector's number of Lord John Somers (Lugt 2981). £25

164. Salvator Rosa (1615-1673, of Naples, Rome & Florence) Pen & ink landscape with trees & rocks in foreground. 4 3/4 x 7 1/2 inches, 122 x 189 mm. £20

165. Santi di Tito (1536-1603) Pen & ink & gray wash, Christ with disciples at Emmäus, at a table under arched pillars; on a staircase on the left, women & children watch.  A cat is under the table & a frisky little dog is on the right (Cf. the painting in the Santa Croce Church in Florence). 18 3/4 x 13 3/4 inches, 478 x 348 mm. £15

166. Strozzi (Bernardo, "il prete genovese," 1581- 1641) Studies for hands, neck etc., for a female martyr. 7 x 4 3/4 inches, 180 x 122 mm. £10

167. Trotti (Giovanni Battista, called Malosso: b. Cremona 1555-d. Parma 1619).  Pen & brown ink & gray wash, lightly squared in red chalk, 9 3/4 x 11 1/16 inches, 247 x 280 mm.  A drawing for a picture (now lost) of Saint Homobonus, a merchant tailor & one of the patron saints of Cremona.  He is followed by a group of men & points to a monstrance standing on an altar on the left.  Compare Giuseppe Aglio, "Le pitture e le sculture della cittàdi Cremona," 1794, page 69.  This beautiful drawing was number 35 in the Arts Council Exhibition of Old Master Drawings from the collection of Mr. C. R. Rudolf, in London, Birmingham & Leeds, January to April, 1962.  It was formerly in the Comte de Caylus' collection. £350

168.  Stage Designs from the Mayr -  Fajt collection; Mayr was stage designer to the Eszterházy Princes in Eisenstadt, Austria.  For more ample descriptions see Janos Scholz' foreword to the Seiferheld exhibition in New York, in the Univ. of Michigan museum & the Princeton Univ. Art Museum 1962; as well as the Scholz-Mayor volume "Baroque & Romantic Stage Design," 1950.  My sketches are representative examples.
(1) L. Sacchetti, Paudua 1759-(? Prague) 1829, Black chalk & gray wash, columns & a large domed building seen through an archway, 7 1/2 x 9 inches, 190 x 230 mm.
(2) Sacchetti (see above) Pen & ink on browned paper, the interior of an elaborate palace, 8 3/4 x 7 inches, 225 x 175 mm.
(3) Joseph Platzer (Prague 1751- Vienna 1806) Black chalk & gray wash, a small domed pavilion seen through arches (on verso, in black chalk, a pavilion by a lake). 9 x 14 1/4 inches, 230 x 365 mm. Price of each, £10

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