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ALISTER MATHEWS, 12, Eaton Road, Branksome Park, Poole (Dorset).

VARIOUS BOOKS-continued.

36."Law & Justice," Daumier's "Les gens de justice." Intro. by J.Cain. N.Y. (1959). 4to, new copy, cloth & d/w. Superbly-reproduced black lithographs by this great French caricaturist: they originally appeared in Charivari between 1845 & 1848.

37. (Law) C. Desmaze, Curiosites des anciennes justices d'apres leurs registres. Plon, 1867. 8vo, orig. wrappers, uncut, unopened, 576 pp., spine broken. Very clean copy. Includes barbers doctors, hunting dress, epidemics & hospitals, printers, games of chance, beggars, prisons & punishments, theatres, universities etc.

38. Photographs, about 78   Lot, not separated for mid-Victorian (mostly from Leicester & surroundings) 16 are 6 x 4 inches; rest 4 x 2 1/2 inches, including 38 ladies & girls, of whom three are finely coloured. Names of photographers on backs of majority. Two photos of houses.

39. Etiquette of Love, courtship & marriage, to 10s which is added the etiquette of politeness; Halifax, Milner & Sowerby, 1857. 12mo, pink, gold, white & green stiff covers, coloured frontispiece & another illus. 160 pp. 

40. Voynich Catalogue No. 26, early printed books (about 90 German, about 320 Italian. Some reproductions. This is part 1 & was issued in London. Voynich catalogues are rare.) Orig. wrps.

41. A. Lionel Isaacs catalogue, "some rare & valuable books," Pall Mall 1903. 8vo, orig. wrps., uncut, folding reproductions.

42. Banbury Chap Books & nursery toy book 
literature of the 18th & early 19th century with impressions from several hundred original wood-cut blocks by Bewick, Blake, Cruikshank, Craig, Lee, Austin... by E. Pearson. Reader, 1890. 4to, orig. pink buckram, printed label on spine, 116 pp. Fine impressions. Scarce texts.

43. Forgotten Children's Books. Leadenhall Press, 1898-9. 8vo, orig. blue cloth gilt, t.e.g., uncut, with the actual Dutch paper on page 8. Four hundred reproductions, over 500 pp.

44. Cim (Albert) " Le Livre" (historique, fabrication, achat, classement). Flammarion, 1905-1907. Four (of five) volumes, sm. 8vo., orig. wrappers, uncut (nearly 1,500 pages). Index at end of each volume. (Missing volume contains "usage & entretien des livres & appendices).

45. Boxwood & Graver, a miscellany of blocks. Privately Printed, Christmas, 1958, sm. 8vo, parchment spine, wood-veneer covers. 1,500 copies were printed. This is an anthology of wood-engravings (no text) including the work of Reynolds Stone.

46. Restaurants. P.Andrieu, "Fine bouche, a history of the Restaurant in France." Trans. by Hayward, decorations by B. Biro. Cassell, (1956) 8vo, orig. cl., as new.

47. Royal Aquarium, Westminster:"Souvenir of £2
Zazel", 1987. Double-sided card, 5⅞ ⨉ 3 3/4 inches. One side has a blank section headed "Menu," & two fine colourprinted pictures of graceful Zazel: in one she is being shot from a cannon's mouth, in the other she is diving apparently on to the heads of the spectators. The verso includes a calendar for 1878. One of the scarcer of Westminster ephemera.

48. The Aeroplane Speaks by H. Barber (Cap- £6 10s
tain, Royal Flying Corps). London, McBride Nast & Co. (1916). 8vo, orig. green cloth. With frontispiece (omitted in later editions), 36 full pages of "types of areoplanes" (sic) & 87 sketches & diagrams (& many advertisements, some illustrated). 144 pp.

49. The Aeroplane Speaks (see above), fifth edition £2 10s
(Nov. 1917) of this useful work, same illus, but frontispiece was not issued.

50. How To Fly, or the conquest of the air, the £2 10s
story of man's endeavour to fly & the inventions by which he has succeeded. By R. Ferris. Nelson (1910). Thick 8vo, orig. dec. cloth (shaken, a few pages loose, but complete). Frontispieve in colour, more than 150 half-tone & line plates (stages of development from earliest balloon to latest monoplane & biplane). 475 pp. (Name on verso of frontispieve).

51. Brook's family herbal . . . Brit. & foreign plants 15s
useful to man either as food, medicine or in the arts & manufactures . . . incl. family dispensatory . . . forms of compounding medicines. (Circa 1885). 382 pp., many small colourplates. Sm. 8vo, orgi, green cloth.

52. Farmer's Almanack for 1867, publ. by J.Thorley. £1
Sm. 8vo, orig. coloured wrappers: at the head of each month's calendar is a particularly pretty rustic scene with suitable farming activity, printed in colours. Orig. colourprinted wrappers.

53. Cactus Culture for amateurs, by W. Watson. £1
Upcott Gill 1889. 8vo, orig. green cloth, 246 pp., 90 illus. Names & addresses of 12 dealers in cactus in Europe & U.S.A A rare early work.

54. Here's Flowers, an anthology of flower poems; £2
compiled by J. Rutter with an introduction by Walter De La Mare & wood-engravings by J. O'Connor. Golden Cockerel Press, 1937. 8vo, blue morocco spine, marbled boards, one of 200 copies. Pertelote 124.

55. Thyme & Bergamot by C. Sandeman: printed £1
on a handpress on hand-made paper by the Dropmore Press, 1947. 4to, blue buckram gilt, d/m, new. 1 of 550 copies.

56. A Book of Roses, 16 colourplates after Redouté's 15s
originals, text by J. Ramsbottom. King penguin (1939), orig. boards.

57. The Flower Book, reproductions (in exact £30
colours) of 38 watercolour designs by  E. Burne-jones. H. Piazza for the Fine Art Society, London, 1905. Folio, full brown crushed morocco, richly gilt & with green floral inlays, g.e. One of 300 numbered copies. The 38 colour-reproductions are not of actual flowers, but of persons suggested by the names of old-fashioned flowers such as adder's tongue, golden cup, wall tryst, marvel of the world, Helen's tears etc. Each is circular, 6½ inches in diameter (165 mm.). Bookplate of Lord Battersea (engraved by C. W. Sherborn 1893). The book is preserved in its fleece-lined cloth case.

58. Flowers & their kindred thoughts, by Bacon & £4
Owen Jones. Large 8vo, orig. pale leather with ivy pattern blind-stamped. (1848), See Lewis, "The story of picture printing," pages 146-147. This is the first book of its kind, the colourplates in chromolithography. This is a special copy with beautiful calligraphic dedication to Henrietta Brown from C. H. & M. F. Bateman (C. I. Bateman drew the plates on stone). The bold colourplates are most decorative. Spine & hinges repaired, the leaves are not loose. See R. McLean, "Victorian Book Design," page 67.

59. Birds, the charm of: by Viscount Grey of Fallodon £2
H. & Stoughton (n.d.). Large 8vo, orig. white buckram gilt. 1 of 250 copies, signed by the author, with splendid though small wood-engravings by ROBERT GIBBINGS.

60. (Cats) Whittington & his cat. Rock, Brothers & £2
Payne (c. 1880). 12mo folder, colourprinted boards with arms of London & the cat holding a mouse, on cover. Handcoloured folding strip of ten illustrations of which the last is captioned "Dick becomes immensely rich from the sale of his cat."

61. Somervile (W.) Hobbinol, Field Sports & the £5
Bowling Green. W. Bulmer for R. Ackermann, 1813. 4to, orig. mottled calf, gilt. Splendid impressions of the woodcuts. Mine is the Schwerdt & Beyer copy, with the sporting bookplate of the former & the signature of the latter. Large clear type on Whatman paper. The wood engravings by Thurston & Nesbit are by many considered to be superior to Bewick. 

62. The Melton Mowbray of John Ferneley (1782 - £5
1860) by Major Guy Paget. Leicester & New York, 1931. 4to, orig. cl., d/w. Numerous coloured & monochrome reproductions of Ferneley's pictures. With reprints of the three account-books.

63. (Sport) Poetae latini rei venaticae scriptores (Gratii £2 Falisci, M. Aurelii Olympii Nemesiani cynegeticon, halieuticon & de aucupio) + bucolica, edited by G. Kempher. Leyden & The Hague 1728. 4to, parchment boards blind-stamped, fine. Schwerdt vol. 2, page 73. There is a very beautiful engraved frontispiece of sporting interest. Copious notes accompany these texts. Small vignettes. Thiebaud 748. 

64. Horseless Carriage, the motor-car in England, £1
by L. T. C. Rolt. Constable (1950). 1st edn., 8vo, orig. cl., illus. 

65. Anacreon, odes de, avec 54 compositions par £7 10s Girodet. Traduction de A. F. Didot. Didot, 1864. 12mo, full crushed crimson morocco, superbly gilt & with wide inner border, by CHAMBOLLE DURU. A particularly good copy of this curious edition, (text printed in red & black,) Girodet's illustrations being reproduced by photography. The Greek & French are printed on the same page.

66. Arabesques Mythologies ou les attributs de £95 toutes les divinités de la fable ... l'histoire des faux dieux, de leur culte, le détail des cérémonies religieuses ...l'influence que dut avoir le paganisme sur le caractère, les moeurs & la littérature des anciens Grecs & des Romains: par Madame de Genlis. C.Barrois, 1810. 8vo, dark purple machine-grained morocco, fully gilt spine, wide border round covers, including vases of flowers, inner gilt border, all edges gilt: binding signed by CHILLIAT. in addition to the fifty-four color-stipples by Gaitte, there are ten circular color-printed plates of Apolla & the Muses (these are superlatively high quality and are not included in the list of plates: I have never seen them in other copies of this book). The signed binding & the 64 colourplates, make this one of the finest copies in existence. 
67. Henri Boutet. "Types de Parisiennes, suit €3 10s de pointes-sèches & d'eaux fortes; se trouve chez L. Joly, 21 Quai St. Michel, Paris." (Circa 1885). 4to, eleven separate sheets (including title-page showing engravers' tools as well as a pretty girl): all except one are before letters. Enclosed within orig. cover reproducing the title-page. Plus two similar etchings of girls by Loévy.
68. Byzantium. G. Schlumberger, L'Epopeé €10 byzantine à la fin du dixième siècle, guerres contre les Russes, les Arabes, les Allemands, les Bulgares, luttes civiles, contre les deux Bardas, Jean Tzmiscès, les jeunes années de Basile II etc. Hachette, 1896. 4to, contemp. 3/4 red crushed morocco, t.e.g., 800 pp., numerous illustrations.
69. Captives de l'amour d'après les documents €2 10s inédits, lettres intimes de Sophie de Condorcet, d'Aimée de Coigny & de qq. autres coeurs sensibles. Galliandre, 1933. 8vo 3/4 polished calf, t.e.g, wrappers bound in, one of 1800 numbered copies. 16 illus., & 2 facsimiles of letters.
70. Carlegle. La plus belle fille du monde, croquis €6 de la Vie Parisienne: préface de Léo Larguier. (1922). Oblong folio, orig. wrappers: the short text is surrounded by scores of witty black illustrations.
71. Crapouillot. Four separate folio volumes in orig. wrappers. Numerous illus.
(1) Menaces sur le monde (Japan, China, Mongolia, Danube, Hitler, oil) Feb. 1934. €2
(2) Traite des blanches & prostitution. Dec. 1933. €3
(3) Les Juifs (wrappers torn). Dec. 1933. €2
(4) Les homosexuels (1955). €5
72. War. Six folio The 6 volumes (not separated) for €5 vols., orig. wrappers, of Le Crapouillot 1930-1933. Profusely illustrated. (1) La Guerre Inconnue: espions, fraternisations, raids d'avions sur Paris, bourrage de cranes, Russie 1917, prostitution, homosexialité, scandale des marchés. (2,3,4) The three volumes, Histoire de la guerre, par jean Galtier-Boissière (origines & causes secrètes, Charleroi, la retraite, la Marne, tranchées, bourrage de cranes, Verdun, négotiations secrètes, révolution russe, mutineries, Caporetto, Foch & l'Armistice. (5) Images secrètes: 200 photographies censurées en France. (6) Images secrètes, 200 photographies ensurées en Allemagne. Spines of 3 volumes torn.
73. (Defoe) La vie & les aventures surprenantes de €5 Robinson Crosoé. "Londres," (Paris, Cazin) 1784. Four volumes in two, 12mo, old green boards, red leather labels on spines. Pretty engravings & the folding map showing North & South America. Cohen 405. A rare edition.
74. Discours sur l'origine de la poésie, sur son €1 10s usage & sur le bon goût, par Frain du Tremblay. Fournier, 1713. Sm. 8vo, orig. sprinkled calf, gilt spine, woodcut vignette on title. 

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