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ALISTER MATHEWS, 12, Eaton Road, Branksome Park, Poole (Dorset). 7

Photographs (to be returned) are available.
(Attributions not guaranteed).
183. De Beaumont (E., 1821-1888) Watercolour, pen £15 
& black chalk: an elegant young lady of the Second Empire in a large crinoline, profile, facing right. 8 1/4 X 5 1/2 inches, 209 X 139 mm.
184. "Paul Verlaine" by F.A. Cazals (1865-1941). £85
Black chalk with touches of coloured chalk, signed with initials, dated 1894, when Verlaine, at the end of his life, was in the Hôpital Broussais. He is seen from slightly above, with his broad hat, clay pipe in mouth, left hand in pocket, right hand holding stick, walking towards the artist. 10 X 5 inches, 258 X 125 mm.
185. (Claude Lorrain, 1600-1682) Pen & ink & £100
bistre wash, 6 3/8 X 10 inches, 160 X 253 mm. Trees in a hollow at the foot of a field. The attribution to Claude seems a plausible one, it was on the original mount. From the collections of E. Bouverie & J.C. Robinson (Lugt 325 & 1433).
186. Coessin De la Fosse (Charles Alexandre: born £20 
at Lisieux (Calvados) 1829: exhibited at the Salon from 1857 onwards). Black chalk heightened with white, on blue paper. An almost nude man, gripping a scimitar, has fallen to the ground. 12 1/4 X 18 3/4 inches, 310 X 475 mm. With the studio-stamp at top corner.
187. David (J.L., 1748-1825) Pen & ink sketch for £15
Moses with the Tables of the Law, with women & children in foreground. On verso, a pencil sketch of the same, with different positions. From the collections of: P. Vischer of Basel (Lugt 2116) & Jules Dupan (Lugt 1440). 7 1/4 X 4 3/4 inches, 185 X 122 mm.
188. Delacroix (Eugène, 1798-1863) Two leaves of a 
sketchbook of the 1832 period when he was in Morocco. Pencil touched with coloured wash:
(1) A seated Arab seen almost from behind: a head & shoulders, facing, & the top part of a face, all three men are wearing turbans. Two holes in black portion of the sheet, have been repaired. 4 7/8 X 7 1/2 inches, 125 X 189 mm. £125
(2) A double-sided sheet: a full-length Arab, standing, facing; on verso, pencil without colour, a man lying on one elbow, other hand on raised knee, smoking a long pipe. 6 1/8 X 3 5/8 inches, 154 X 93 mm. £125
189. Deveria (Achille, 1800-1857) Bistre wash over £25
hard pencil, signed with initials, inscribed "Les Suisses à Rothenthurm," drummers preceding the glorious flag which is followed by a peasant with wife & child, dead soldiers life in the foreground. 7 1/3 X 10 inches, 188 X 253 mm.
190. Doré (Gustave, 1832-1883) Black, gray & brown £125
wash, with much white. "Christ in Limbo" in shimmering white robes against eerie starlit trees & rocks. 16 3/4 X 12 3/4 inches, 425 X 323 mm.
191. Dumont (A., 1828-1894, a Swiss artist) Black chalk £6
& pale wash, study for an illustration of La Fontaine's fable "Le meunier, son fils & l'âne". The 3 village-girls mocking the old man on the donkey while the son follows. On verso, in black chalk, a self-portrait of the artist at his easel in the country, & a study of bushes. 8 1/4 X 11 3/4 inches, 208 X 299 mm.
192. Garneray (Jean François, Paris 1755-Auteuil £35
1837). A charming watercolour miniature, a young mother & child, in 16th cent. costume, on the terrace of a palace garden: the little girl pats a shaggy live-&-white dog, the mother reads a letter: the child has pink & white ostrich feathers on head, white ruff, red dress over green & white skirt: the mother's bodice is black, her skirts pale blue & light yellow. 7 1/8 X 4 3/4 inches, 181 X 122 mm. Very bright & decorative.
193. School of Lancret, red chalk, Family Group £35
on a terrace with a sculptured urn. 8 5/8 X 11 1/4 inches, 218 X 286 mm.
194. Orsel (A. J. V., 1795-1850) Pencil, a kneeling £5
crowned woman prays, profile to the right, the drawn surface 5 1/2 X 4 inches, 140 X 100 mm., on a larger sheet. Has the mark (Lugt Suppl: No. 1999e) of Orsel's friend & collaborator H. A. Périn 1798-1875, who inherited Orsel's drawings.
195. Orsel (see above for dates & collector's mark) £12
Pencil on light brown paper, a highly-finished study of two hands (inscribed St. Nicholas No. 9 at top right corner). 9 1/2 X 14 1/2 inches, 240 X 361 mm.
196. Pils (Isidore: Paris 1813-Douarnenez 1875) Pen £12
& ink & pencil, a group of Second Empire aristocratic French sportsmen & two ladies: unfinished group for a painting or engraving. Has the artist's stamp (Lugt 2030). 11 1/2 X 20 1/2 inches, 295 X 522 mm. See L. Becq de Fouquieres' "Pils, sa vie & son oeuvre," (1876). Pils decorated the ceiling of the large staircase of the Paris Opéra.
197. Piot (René: Paris 1869-1934) Black chalk & blue£15
wash, on pink-washed paper, squared for a painting. Signed. 14 3/8 X 8 1/2 inches, 365 X 217 mm. Head of a turbaned young Eastern prince. Piot was a pupil of Gustave Moreau & did many designs for the theatre.
198. Robert (Hubert, 1733-1808) Pen & ink & gray £85
wash & red chalk. Figures by fallen masonry outside the entrance of a ruined classical tomb: on the left, a woman with a laundry-basket on her head, standing by a sarcophagus. 11 X 13 5/8 inches, 277 X 345 mm. On the orig. French 18th cent. mount stamped "ARD" (Lugt 172, unidentified). From the L. G. Duke collection.
199. Sevin (Pierre Paul, Tournon 1650-1710) Pen & £40
ink & gray wash heightened with white, on blue paper, signed with initials. A hermit-saint stands in a landscape, waterfall & large monastery in background. Behind the saint a monk lowers a basket of provisions, with handbell attached, to the grotto where is the saint's bed-roll. In the sky, cherubs adore the sacred monogram from which light beams out. 8 X 5 3/4 inches, 205 X 146 mm.
200. Somm (Henry: Rouen 1844-1907) Pen & ink, a £6
sheet of vigorous studies of men & women. On verso, an autograph letter signed with his actual name Henry Sommier, telling his correspondent what he thinks about named actresses. 6 X 8 inches, 153 X 201 mm. Has Somm's exhibition-stamp, not in Lugt, for April (year missing). 
201. Tissot (J., 1836-1902) Detailed study in pencil £75 
for a full-length portrait of a lady seated in a sofa. 12 3/8 X 9 3/8 inches, 314 X 238 mm.
202. Van Loo family. Pen & ink highly-finished £10
engraver's drawing of a young man in classical Roman cloak, half-length, early 18th century, (or late 17th). 11 X 7 3/4 inches, 280 X 198 mm.
203. Vernet (Claude Joseph: Avignon 1714-Paris £24
1789: he was the father of Carle) Pen & ink & light wash: a fine study of a tree under which are two figures, with an overgrown bank beyond. 10 1/2 X 7 1/2 inches, 268 X 193 mm.
204. A. Watteau after Rubens: black chalk heightened £120
with white, on brown paper. 7 1/8 X 6 1/4 inches, 180 X 157 mm. A putto flying away from the artist: Watteau used this in "L'Embarquement pour Cythère" (in Berlin); c.f. also Ghislaine van Puisvelde Lassalle "Watteau et Rubens" plates 7&8. Also plate 264 in Parker & Matthey Vol. I, 1957: & No. 1176 in Lugt's Inventaire... Ecole Flamande (Louvre 1949), & a study for a flying putto in the Whitehall ceiling & the High Legh Hall painting sold at Sotheby's 21 May, 1935.
205. French early 18th cent., black chalk heightened £20
with white, on pale-brown paper. "The Holy Family," with 2 angels. 10 3/4 X 8 inches, 270 X 212 mm.
206. French 18th century, black chalk heightened £18
with white, on blue paper, 2 figures under a tree, in the distance another figure near a building. 10 1/2 X 8 1/8 inches, 267 X 207 mm.
207. A Dauphin (Louis XV?) seated in an elaborate £15 chair at an even more elaborate table on which lies a crown, sceptre & small handbell: beyond draped curtains are the columns of a portico. Pen & ink & bistre heightened with white on light brown paper. 12 1/2 X 9 1/4 inches, 319 X 234 mm.
208. French late 18th century, black & white chalk on £18
brown paper: arm & shoulder seen from behind (particularly good study of the inside of the upturned hand). 15 X 8 3/8 inches, 383 x 213 mm.
209. French early 19th century, red-chalk studies of £3
3/4-profile heads of men, caricatural. 7 1/4 X 6 5/8 inches, 184 X 168 mm.
210. French circa 1845, sketches with illegible signature
(?Noutain or similar):
(1)Small boy standing with basket, box & a workman's bag of tools, seen almost from behind, the head turned; pen & ink & bistre, 6 7/8 X 5 1/8 inches, 174 X 130 mm. £10
(2) Black chalk on gray paper, a peasant-woman kneeling down to tie her shoe. 7 3/4 X 7 7/8 inches, 197 X 150 mm. £5

Photographs (to be returned) are available.
(Attributions not guaranteed).
211. Czar Alexander the First, of Russia, son of £12
Paul I, 1777-1825: a miniature head & shoulders in coloured chalk & watercolour, 3 1/4 X 2 5/8 inches, 82 X 66 mm. From the H. S. Reitlinger collection in 1954.
212. (Vienna) Theodor Alphons (Cracow 1860-Graz £24
1897). Watercolour. Signed. Dated, 1887. Schwarzenberg Platz in Vienna. 7 1/4 X 15 inches, 182 X 383 mm. With the statue of Fielmarshall Prince of Schwarzenberg who died in 1820: one of the palaces shown is that of Archduke Louis Victor. A souvenir of the days of imperial splendour.
213. (Austria) A pair of original ink Pair for £78
drawing, very highly-finished, of the Emperor Joseph I & his wife Wilhelmina Amalia, on vellum-sin, head & shoulders, oval, on a marble base, with names & titles in exquisite calligraphy. Signed by Wolfgang Willhelm von Wittman (1710) who described himself "dominus in Gorghaussen & Reulandt, supremus vigiliarum Praefectus." These superb drawings were probably copied later in an engraving. They measure 11 3/8 X 7 3/8 inches, 290 X 187 mm., plus the border edged with a drawn line, 30 mm. wide all round. Joseph I (1678-1711) was crowned King of Hungary at the age of 9, king of the Romans in 1690, emperor of the Habsburg dominions in 1705: supported by England, Holland & Savoy, he waged war against Louis XIV.
214. Bergmuller (Johann Georg, born Türkheim, £35
Bavaria 1688, died Augsburg 1762). Gray wash Apotheosis of Hercules, oval 8 X 10 1/2 inches, 203 X 262 mm. Included in the group are Jupiter, Juno, Mercury, Apollo, Ceres & others.
215. Both (Andries: Utrecht 1608-Venice 1650) Pen £20
& ink studies of standing & seated peasants, 5 7/8 X 6 1/2 inches, 148 X 165 mm.
Very much in the style of Van Ostade.
216. Brouwer (A., 1605-1638) Head of a man in a £15
wide-brimmed hat. Brown wash on lighter brown paper. 3 3/4 X 3 1/4 inches, 96 X 85 mm., corners cut.
217. Custos (David, of Augsburg: dates not known, £20
but his father Dominicus was born in Antwerp 1560 & died in 1612). Pen & brown ink, signed, dated, 1617. "Adoration of the Shepherds." 11 1/2 X 15 3/4 inches, 293 X 400 mm., a few unimportant repairs to the paper. Unidentified armorial collector's mark.
218. Custos (David, see above) Pen & brown ink, £20
"Adoration," rather an unusual one: a candle burns at the corner of the stone wall on which Joseph leans: the shepherds are dressed in long plain collarless dresses, very similar to the one worn by the Virgin: in the sky, cherubs carry the cross & the elements of the passion, above a banner "Gloria in altissimis Deo et in terra pax." Circa 1610. 10 3/8 X 7 3/4 inches, 264 X 197 mm.
219. Dancx (Frans: he died in Amsterdam in 1703) £40
Pen & ink & wash drawing, signed. A native warrior, with tall narrow studded shield, holds a short sword: to the handle is attached a lock of hair which a companion has just cut from the head of a corpse: palm-trees in background. For an illustration to Nieuhoff's book on the embassy of the Dutch East India Company to the Emperor of China in 1665. 10 1/2 X 7 inches, 268 X 175 mm.

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