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8   ALISTER MATHEWS, "Fremington,"58, West Overcliff Drive, Bournemouth (Hampshire) BH4 88B. 


241. Richmond (Sir William Blake, 1842-1921, R.A.) Studies:-
(1) Full-length standing man, a trumpeter, for his "Song of Miriam" 1879. 19x11 3/4 inches, 485x297 mm. Black chalk on brown paper. £30
(2) Black & white chalk on brown paper, drapery over the thighs & legs of a recumbent girl, for "The Wise & Foolish Virgins". 15x17 1/2 inches. £30
(3) A similar study to the preceding. 15x14 1/2 inches. £18
(4) Another, similar to the preceding. 15x15 1/2 inches. £30
(6) Black & white on chalk on brown paper: a kneeling draped man. profile to the right &, a study of drapery alone. 11 1/2x18 1/4 inches. £10
(7) Black & white chalk on light-brown paper: studies of the thighs & legs of a (nude) recumbent womanL on the same sheet, two separate studies of her hand resting on folded drapery. 13x18 1/2 inches. £25
(8) Black & white chalk on brown paper, two studies of a woman's hand & wrist, extended, relaxed. 8x15 inches. £15
(9) Red chalk touched with white, on blue-gray paper: foot of a girl, standing, from behind, resting on the toes, the sole & heel exposed. 8 1/2x9 1/4 inches. (On verso, red chalk study of an arm (above & below elbow). £8
(10) Black chalk on white paper, trees on a hillside. 9 1/4x6 inches, 234x150 mm. From the collection of Charles Emanuel. Richmond's landscapes are scarce. £8
(11) Red chalk touched with black & white, on oatmeal-coloured paper, a girl's right arm held up to shoulder, holding drapery: her left hand rests on the upper right arm. 16x8 3/4 inches, 407x223 mm. £22
(12) Red chalk touched with white, on blue paper: hands & forearms, a man's right hand lightly holds a girl's right hand: both arms flexed upwards. 10 1/2x15 3/4 inches, 265x397 mm. £25
(13) Black & white chalk on brown paper, a man's right hand lies gently on a woman's left hand (the latter only partially visible): about 5 1/2x8 inches. £25
(14) Black & white chalk on brown paper: a left hand (& sleeve) in a relaxed position: about 5 3/4x11 inches. £18
(15) Black chalk on light brown paper, a study for the Delphic Sibyl for St. Paul's Cathedral (easternmost space flanking the clerestory windows on the north side of the choir): inscribed. 21 3/4x14 1/4 inches. Richmond worked for years on these important mosaics. Small (blank) piece of paper missing on left side. See illustration. £85
(16) Black chalk touched with white, on brown paper. Head & torso of a girl lying with head lower, left arm trailing down, right arm curling round under the head. 18 1/2x24 1/2 inches, 473x618 mm. £30
(17) Black chalk touched with white, on brown paper. Standing nude woman (head unfinished), with a second study of the raised right arm. (On verso, a study of drapery.) 22x14 1/2 inches, 558x370 mm. £25
(18) Black chalk on white paper, head of a Lion, inscribed & dated "1887, Berlin Zoo, for Venus & Anchises." (for the picture now in Liverpool). 9x5 1/2 inches. £20
(19) Black chalk on white paper, leg & drapery inscribed "study for the right leg of Venus in Venus & Anchises." (=the 1889 picture not in Liverpool: see also the preceding drawing of lion). 9x5 3/4 inches. £20
(20) Black chalk on white paper, a girl's left leg, straight, inscribed "Diana's left leg." 12 1/2x8 1/2 inches. £12
(21) Black chalk, ankle & foot of a man, seen from in front, inscribed "for Prometheus Unbound". Height of the drawn surface 12 inches, on a larger sheet. £12
(22) Black chalk on white paper, a man's left food, on paper 9 1/2x8 1/4 inches. £8
(23) Red chalk touched with white on gray paper (with some black background), a girl's left arm & hand. 7x9 1/2 inches. £12
(24) Red chalk touched with white, on gray paper, a girl's hand holding a (partly-drawn) flower. 7 1/4x9 1/4 inches. (Part of a figure-study on verso). £12
(25) White & black chalk on brown paper, standing female nude, left arm raised, holding away a veil. 17 3/4x11 1/3 inches, 450x290 mm. £24
(26) Black chalk studies for a figure on the left of his "The song of Miriam", exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery in 1879. 8 1/8x5 1/4 inches, 207x133 mm. £18

243. SIR JAMES STEUART (1779-1849)
(1) Watercolour, inscribed on the mount by the artist "Johnson's Hotel, Llanberris, foot of Snowdon." 5 X 7 inches, 127 x 177 mm. £18 
(2) Watercolour, after Turner's "Loch Awe" (argyll). Men, cattle & boats, in foreground, are dwarfed by the majesty of the cloud-ringed  mountain. 7 x 10 1/3 inches, 180 x 262 mm. £32
(4) Watercolour, a Scottish loch, clouds above the hills. 4 x 6 1/4 inches, 101 x 159 mm. £12
(5) Watercolour, Rothesay Harbour (Bute), with ships. 5 1/2 x 8 7/8 inches, 138 x 225 mm. £32
(6) A double-sided sheet: (a) watercolor, boats at the jetty at Rothesay, (b) pencil, sketch of yachts. 3 3/4 x 6 1/4 inches, £15
(7) Watercolour, Mounted knights in armor & on foot, at the walls of a castle. 5 1/4 x 6 3/8 inches, 132 x 162 mm., the left corners defective but the drawing itself is not affected. £15
(8) Watercolour, at the entrance of Warwick Castle, knights on horseback & other on foot are approaching. Inscribed, 5 1/4 X 6 3/8 inches, 132 X 162 mm., the left corners defective but the drawing itself is not affected. £15
(9) Watercolour, Peel Tower, Darnoch, 7 1/8 X 5 1/2 inches, 182 X 141 mm. £20
(10) Watercolour, an old house in Conway, with carriage (no horse) outside the gabled house. 7 1/3 X 5 1/4 inches, 187 X 132 mm. £20
(11) Pen & ink & wash on blue paper, Scottish nobles drinking a toast, hounds in foreground. 7 X 9 3/4 inches, 177 X 251 mm. £21
(12) Watercolour, Gossips in doorways. 4 3/4 X 5 3/4 inches, 119 X 141 mm. £14
(13) Black chalk touched with white on gray paper. A young woman carrying a large oblong basket.  5 X 3 1/4 inches, 125 X 83 mm. £8
(14) Pencil, a woman & two children. 3 3/4 X 2 5/8 inches, 95 X 66 mm. £5

249. C.E. Swan (1870-c. 1929) Two watercolours with body-colour:-
(1) Leopard carrying off a peacock. Signed. 9 1/2 X 14 inches, 242 X 355 mm. £35
(2) Sumatran tiger crouching on a rock, looking down in search of prey. 9 3/4 X 13 1/2 inches, 245 X 343 mm. £35

250. Thorburn (Archibald, 1860-1935) Watercolour, signed with initials & dated 14 August 1882. With the circular sale-stamp of the artist's studio. Enlarged straggling branches of heather. 13 1/2 X 18 1/2 inches, 343 X 470 mm. £75

251. ("Trompe L'Oeil.") Shelves of old books & some odd piles of old books, several of them open at text or engravings which are all shown in exact detail: a framed engraving, a half-bent map, a medieval seal, an 18th century globe. What is outstanding is the three-dimensional effect of the bindings or marbled edges, the lettered spines, many tones of old parchment. Signed by Benjamin W. Spiers, dated 1888 (but could as easily have been drawn 80 years earlier). The watercolour is in a splendid state. 22 1/2 X 37 inches,570 X 940 mm. -that is, too large to send by post. Is at present in its original gilt frame decorated with laurel. Was originally entitled "The Haunt of with  the Book-worm." It was number 604 in the Walker Gallery exhibition of 1889 & was owned by the Earl of Derby (Knowsley Hall) with faint label on verso. See illustration. £300

252. Tudor (Thomas, 1785-1855) Two careful pencil-studies of ecclesiastical ruins (the paper of one is watermarked 1804. About 10 X 14 inches. Two for £8

253. Varley (Cornelius, 1781-1873) Watercolour over pencil. inscribed & dated "Conway 21 July 1820." On verso, small pencil studies of house & some figures. The Conway watercolour is from outside the walls, looking upwards. 8 3/4 X 8 1/2 inches, on a larger sheet of which the right side is blank. £18

254. West (Benjamin, P.R.A., 1738-1820) Pen & brown ink on blue-gray paper. Three Roman warriors are about to seize a Christian saint who refuses to worship the statue of Neptune, beyond which are the heads of two elder men. 12 3/4 X 9 inches, 323 X 338 mm. Laid down £85

255. Whichelo (C.John M., died in 1865) Pen & ink & gray wash, entrance of an old stone house with brick wall on the right. Signed. Dated 1806. 9 3/4 X 7 1/2 inches. In 1805 & 1806 he was contributing to "Lambeth Palace" (see Major Abbey "Scenery of Great Britain", No. 209). £12

256. Whistler (Rex, 1905-1944) Original stage-designs for Cochran's March 1930 revue at London Pavilion: all mentioned in "The Work of RW", by L. Whistler & R. Fuller (1960) page 66 item 395 parts 3 & 4:-
(1) for Curtain for Wind in the Willows; willows in brown against pale-green background, on the left a figure is concealed inside one willow, there is a not in margin "on her head & in each hand branches of willow with brown leaves, dress of green gauze decorated." 7 7/8 X 14 inches, design was not used. £110
(2) Pencil & brown wash, constructional sketch for the costume for above, the figure enclosed in a wire frame representing a tree-trunk, arms raised in canvas sleeves along the line of the branches etc., with numerous notes by R.W. on the sheet. 9 1/8 X 6 inches. £45
(3) Watercolour design, squared for enlargement, for the curtain "Tennis", an endless perspective of hard tennis-courts, with violently-leaping players. On paper 7 7/8 X 9 3/4 inches. £100

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