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Dr. Kurt Merlander, Books, 2159 Willette Avenue, Los Angeles 28, California

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26. LE LOUVRE. Sculpture du moyen age. Edite par l'Illustration. Paris 1934. 36 cm high. Texte par Paul Vitry, conservateur du Louvre. 14 full-page black and white plates, 3 colored plates mounted. - $7.50

27. FILOW, Bogdan D: Early Bulgarian Art. With 58 plates and 72 illustrations in the text. Paul Haupt, Berne, 1919. 86 p text. The last ten plates are colored and mounted. 32 cm h. - $17.50

28. CATHEDRALE DE BOURGES. Album nr. 3. 34 plates and description. Bourges, a la Cathedrale. Souvenir du centenaire. 1924. 27 cm. - $2.00

29. MINIATURES DU MANUSCRIT DE CHARLES V. Chroniques des regnes de Jean II et de Charles V, publiee pour la Societe de l'histoire de France par R. Delachenal. (Les grandes chroniques de France.) Tome IV: Miniatures du manuscrit de Charles V. Paris, Societe de l'histoire de France. 1920. 40 p text and 50 plates. 1/2 leather bdg. - $9.00

30. BERENSON, Bernhard: North Italian Painters of the Renaissance. Putnam, 1907. 341 p. Index to the works of the principal North Italian painters. Index of places. Bound. 8vo. - $2.25

31. THE STUDIO. Vol 30. 1904, I. Bound. - $4.50

32. THE STUDIO TURNER. Edited by Charles Holme. The Studio, London, 1903. Contains 4 essays on Turner and 124 illustrations and 34 special plates, mostly in color. 28 1/2 cm. h. bound. - $7.50

33.ENGLISH WATER-COLOUR. With reproductions of drawings by eminent painters. Edited by Charles Holme. Introduction by Frederick Wedmore. London, The Studio, 1902. 41 1/2 cm h. ca 75 mounted colored plates, with protective cover indicating size and owner, etc. With list of painters, compiled by W. Shaw Sparrow. - $18.50

34. KATALOG der Freiherrlich von Lipperheideschen Sammlung fuer Kostuewissenschaft mit Abbidungen. Dritte Abteulung: Buechersammlung. Erster Band. Erste Haelfte. Berlin 1897. 288p. Profusely illustrated. Wr. Lists 608 works. 27 1/2 cm h. - $9.00

35. STEINDORFF: Urkunden des Aegyptischen Altertums. I. 1, Urkunden des Alten Reichs I. Bearbeftet von Kurtnsethe. Leipzig 1903. 28 1/2 cm h. Wr. 73 p. - $3.50

36. GRIECHISCHE PAPYRUS der Kaiserlichen Univeritaets und Landesbibliothek zu Strassburg im Elsass. Herausgegeben und erlaeutert von Dr. Friedrich Preisigke. Band I Heft 1. Urkunden nr 1-23, mit 5 Lichtdrucktafeln und 23 Schriftproben im Text. Heft 2, Urkunden nr 24-54, mit 6 Tafeln und 20 Schriftproben. Strassburg 1906 u 1907. 31 cm h. ca 200 p and plates. $15.00

37. KARO, Georg: DIE SCHACHTGRAEBER FON MYKENAI. Text I Teil. Muenchen 1930. 172 p. 31 cm h. Profusely illustrated - $7.50

Ôž║38. THE GOLD TREASURE OF SIGSIG, ECUADOR. Museum of the American Indian Heye Foundation, nr 3, 1924, N.Y. Text, notes, bibliography and 8 plates, partly in color and mounted. 32 cm h. - $4.00
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