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[[5 Columned Table]]
| When Recd. | Name & Rank of Writer | Date & Purport of Letter |   | Endorsement and Memorandum |
| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |
|July 27.|Henderson H.F. Agt. B.R.F and A.L. Lexington N.C.|May 25,67. Encloses testimony in| Filed.|Office Sub. Asst. Comr Bureau R.F and A.L. Greensboro July 26, 67. Respectfully returned to Mr WF Henderson A.S.A.C. the indentures to be canceled and the children returned there proper guardians in compliance with Circular No 5 H Qms Asst Comr Raleigh NC (signed) AW Bolenius Capt & [[BC and Brvt?]] Maj|
|July 12, 67|Henderson WF Asst Sub Asst Comr. [[Trinity?]] College NC.|Wishes 500 Rations to be sent to High Point for [[?]] for the month July 1867 to the [[?]] of Randolph County|
|July 28|Henderson WF. [[?]] office Lexington NC May 25 67. BRF & A.L.|Encloses testimony in the case of Caroline [[Grump?]] vs HC Watson Robert [?]] William indentured to [[?]] [[?]] said children now in possesion of the mother asked for [[?]] & decision whether or not the [[?]] {[?]] be cancelled or [[?]] [[?]] to thier mother|Filed|asst sub asst Com'r office BRF & AL Lexington NC July 24 1867. My opinion is that from the [[?]] & [[?]] The conditions Indenture has not been [[?]] with on the part of HC Watson- to whom the indenture was made W.F. Henderson AS AC. Office Sub asst Com'r BRF & AL Greensboro July 26-67 Returned Indentures to be cancelled. [[?]] [[?]]

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