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Current exhibitions in the New York Region; open, free, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily except Sunday, unless otherwise noted. Opening and closing dates are not guaranteed. Asterisk (*) indicates there are permanent collections. 

The Calendar is published the first and fifteenth of each month, November to May inclusive. Subscription $2.50; single copies 20 cents. Florence N. Levy, Editor. 124 W. 79 St. & 745 Fifth Ave. (1606) Tel. PLaza 3-1624.

City Hall and Municipal Bldg.  

Vol. 7 March 1 to March 15, 1934 No. 9 

Museums and Societies
American Academy of Arts & Letters, Broadway at 156th St.--Paintings and Drawings by George de Forest Brush to May 1.
American Folk Arts, 673 Fifth Ave.--3 to 6-Echibition to Mar.31. 
An American Group, 101 W. 58.--Paintings by Helen McAuslan, to Mar. 10.
An American Place, 509 Madison Ave.--44 Paintings by Georgia O'Keefe.
Architectural League, 115 E. 40-Etchings by Harry V. K Henderson, to Mar 10; Beaux-Arts Atelier in Mural Painting, to Mar. 15
Art Students League, 215 W. 57--Comparisons in prints and processes, to Mar. 3; Work by League members shown at P.A.F.A., Mar. 6 to Mar. 17.
*Brooklyn Museum, Eastern Parkway--10 to 5; Sun. 2 to 6; Mon. & Fri. 25c, Pictorial Photography, Mar. 5 to Mar. 28.
Brooklyn Painters & Sculptors, Towers Hotel, 25 Clark St.--1-5 p. m. except Mon.; Tues. & Fri. 7-10 P.M.--Decorative paintings & black-and-whites, to Mar. 4; Landscapes, Mar. 7 to Apr. 1. 
Brooklyn--Pratt Inst. Free Library, 220 Ryerson St.--The centenary of William Morris. 
Bruce Branch Library, 518 W. 125--Arms, armor, textiles & costume dolls, 1492 to 1776; lent by Metropolitan Museum, Mar. 2 to Apr. 1.
Contemporary Arts, 41 W. 54--10-6; Sun. 2:30-6--paintings By A. Harriton, to Mar. 10.
*Cooper Union Museum, 4th Ave. & 8th St.--9 to 5;6:30 to 9:30 except Sat.
Decorators Club, 745 Fifth Ave.--Room schemes inspired by works of art, to Mar. 17.
Eighth Street Playhouse, 52 W. 8--(Auspices of Artists' Aid Comm.)--Water colors and woodcuts by Eugene Morley, to Mar.8; Paintings by Edward Glannon, Mar. 9 to Mar. 22.
Grolier Club, 47 E. 60--Fifty years of Club's activities, to Mar. 8.
*Hispanic Society of America, 156th St. & Broadway--10 to 5; Sun. 1 to 5.
Hudson Park Branch Public Library, 66 Leroy St.--Chinese & Japanese art lent by Metropolitan Museum, to Mar. 18.
*Metropolitan Museum, 5th Ave. & 82nd St.--10-5; Sat. 10-6; Sun. 1-6; Mon, and Fri. 25c--Blacque Collection of Textiles & Fahnestock laces, H15, to June 3; XIX cent. lace shawls, H19, to Apr. 1; 300 years of 'Landscape prints, K37-40; New York State furniture, Feb. 6 tp Apr. 22. Branch: Cloisters, Ft. Washington Ave. and 191st St.--Museum hours. 
Municipal Art Exhibition, Rockefeller Center Forum, Sixth Ave. at 50 St.--10 a.m. to 10 p.m. adm. 25c. Contemporary American painting, sculpture, prints, to Mar. 31. 
*Museum of the City of N.Y., Fifth Ave. & 103rd.--10-5; Sat. 10-6; Sun. 1-6; Mon. 25c.; closed Tues.--Costumes worn at Prince of Wales Ball, 1860; Central Park 1852-1933, both to April 16.
*Museum of Jewish Objects, Broadway and 122 St,--10-5 except Fri. &  Sat.
*Museum of Modern Art, 11 W. 53--10 to 6; Sun. 2 to 6; Mon. & Fri. 25c. Machine Art, Mar. 7 to Apr. 16.
*Museum of Natural History, W. 77--10-5; Sun. 1-5--Art in Museum Exhibits illustrated by work of Museum staff, Mar. 10 to Apr. 8.
National Academy of Design, 215 W. 57--10-5; adm. 25c; Mon. free--109th Annual exhibition paintings, sculpture, prints, Mar. 14 to Apr. 15. 
National Arts Club, 119 E. 19--12:30-6; Sun. 2-6--Work by Junior Artist members, Mar. 8 to 28; Memorial to 8 painters and sculptors, to Mar. 2. 
New School for Social Research, 66 W. 12--Mon. to Fri. 9 a.m.-10 p. m. Photography by Berenice Abbott & Thomas L. Phillips (3 fl.); Paintings by Citron, Deyrup, Spagna & Eric Cohn (5 fl.), to Mar. 21.
*N. Y. Historical Society, Central Park W. at 77th St.--10-5 weekdays. Exhibition commemorating Centennial of Lafayette's death, to May 31. 
*N. Y. Public Library, Fifth Ave. at 42 St.--9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sun. 1 to 5. Drawings and prints from them (Rm. 321), to Mar. 30; Etchings by C.A. Platt (Rm. 316 closed Sun.), to Mar. 30. 
N. Y. University, Div, of Graphic Arts, 100 Washington Square E.--2 to 5; Printing and wood engravings, 15th century to present. 
    *Gallery of Living Art, 100 Washington Sq.--9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
*Roerich Museum, International Art Center, 310 Riverside Dr.--10-5 daily. Paintings by Theophile Schneider. 
Salmagundi Club, 47 Fifth Ave.--12:30-6; Sun. 2-6--Oil paintings, Mar.11 to Mar. 31.
*Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences, St. George--10-5; Sun. 2-5. Water colors, pastels, miniatures, sculpture by Staten Island artists, to Mar. 31. 
Theodore Roosevelt High School Art Dept., Raymond & Raymond Gal., 40 E. 49--to Mar. 24.
University Settlement, 184 Eldridge St.--1 to 10p.m.--Art of Ancient Egypt, lent by Metropolitan Museum, to April 15. 
*Whitney Museum of American Art, 10 W. 8th St.--2-6; Sat. 10-6; closed Mon.--Paintings by Maurice B. Prendergast , Feb. 21 to Mar. 21. 
Wolfe Art Club, 802 Broadway--Etchings, block-prints, Feb. 10 to Mar. 10.

New York State

Westchester Workshop, County Center, White Plaints--Paintings by Nicolai Fechin, to Mar. 10; Paintings by Victor C. Anderson, Mar. 12 to 31.


Ackerman & Son, 50 E. 57--Old and modern prints of old New York.
American Art Assoc.--Anderson Gal., 30 E. 57th St.--9 to 6; Sun. 2 to 5. 
Furniture of the late John Markle, Mar.3, Sale Mar. 7, 8, 9; Etchings & engravings, Mar. 10, Sale Mar. 14, 15; Paintings, Mar. 10, Sale Mar. 16; Furniture, silver, etc. Mar. 10, Sale Mar. 17.
Argent Gallery, 42 W. 57--Paintings by Viola B. Wrigley, to Mar. 10; Compositions with birds by Berta N. Briggs; paintings by Virginia Wood, Ashton Wilson and Mrs. Simmons, Mar. 5 to Mar. 17.
Brummer Gallery, 55 E. 57-- Sculpture by Pablo Gargallo, to Apr. 15. 
Carnegia Hall Art Gallery, 154 W. 57--Group show, to Mar. 24.
Caz-Delbo Gallery, 15 W. 49--Paintings of Paris by Corini. 
Delphic Studios, 9 E. 57--Water colors by Bessy Creighton & Paintings by Will H. Stevens, to Mar. 11; Paintings by Davis Siqueiros and Sculpture by H. Galeois, Mar. 12 to Mar. 25.
Downtown Gallery, 113 W. 13--Work by Peggy Bacon, to Mar. 3; Paintings by Jodeph Pollet, Mar. 5 to Mar. 27.
Durand-Ruel Galleries, 12 E. 57--Paintings by 19th Century French Masters, in conjunction with Paul Rosenberg, to Mar. 10 (Benefit adm. $1)
Eighth Street Gallery, 41 W. 8--Paintings by Nathan Dirk, Mar. 5 to Mar. 27.
Empire Galleries, 620 Fifth Ave.--Paintings by Edqard H. Miner, to Mar. 10.
Etcetera, 71 E. 57--Pastel drawings by Hattie MacCurdy, Feb. 19-Mar. 6.
Ferargil Gallery, 63 E. 57--Drawings by Mahonri Yound; Cockfighting prints;
Fifteen Gallery, 27 W. 57--Paintings by Mabel Whitney, to Mar. 3; Paintings by Beulah Stevenson, Mar. 5 to Mar. 17.
Gallery of American Indian Art, 850 Lexington Ave.--Zuni Indian paintings and pottery, to Mar. 12. 
Gallery 114 W. 13--Paintings by Waldo peirce, to Mar. 12. 
Grand Central Art Galleries, 15 Vanderbilt Ave. (42nd St.)--9 to 5:30. "Races of Man" by Malvina Hoffman, to Mar. 3. Branch: I E. 51-- Paintings of the Sea by Fed. J. Waugh, to Mar. 17; Decorative paintings by Jessie Arms Botke, Mar. 5 to Mar. 17.
Grant Studios, 114 Remsen St., B'klyn--B'klyn Soc. Modern Artists to Mar. 13. 
Harriman, Marie, Gallery, 63 E. 57--Paintings By Walt Kuhn, to Mar. 3; Paintings by Papazoff, Mar. 5 to Mar. 19.
Kennedy Gallery, 785 Fifth Ave.--Water colors by Levon West. 
Keppel Gallery, 16 E. 57--Modern prints, to Mar. 15.
Kleemann-Thorman, 38 E. 57--New paintings by Albert Sterner, to Mar. 31. 
Knoedler Galleries, 14 E. 57--15th & 16th Cent. woodcuts and engravings. 
Kohn, Theodore A. & Son, 608 Fifth Ave.--Spring flowers in textiles & jewelry. 
Kraushaar Gallery, 680 Fifth Ave.--Sculpture by Vargis, to Mar. 10.
Levy, Julien, 602 Madison Ave.--Sculpture by Helen Sardeau & Photographs by Remie Lohse, to Mar. 3; Paintings by Marc Perper, Mar. 6 to Mar. 24
Macbeth Galleries, 15 E. 57-- Paintings by C. K. Chatterton, to Mar. 12; Drawings by Meyer Bernstein, Mar. 6 to Mar. 19; Recent paintings from Martha's Vinevard by Jonas Lie, Mar. 13 to Mar. 26. Branch, 19 E. 57--Paintings By Golinkin to Mar. 12.
Matisse, Pierre, 51 E. 57--Paintings by Henri Matisse, to Mar. 3; Water colors by Raoul Dufy, Mar. 6 to Mar. 31.
Midtown Gallery, 559 Fifth Ave.--Water colors of Mexico by Edward Valentine, to Mar. 10; Second Annual Group Exhibition, Mar 5. to 31; paintings and prints by Joseph Margulies, Mar. 12 to Mar. 31. 
Milch Galleries, 108 W. 57--Paintings by Stephen Etnier, to Mar. 17.
Montross Galleries, 785 Fifth Ave.--Sculpture by Junew Wasey & paintings by Domenico Mortellito, to Mar. 10; Rocky Mountain landscapes by Louise Richards Farnsworth, Mar. 12 to Mar. 24. 
Morton Gallery, 130 W. 57--Paintings by Doris Rosenthal, to Mar. 5; Water colors by Joseph Hauser, Mar. 5 to Mar. 19.
Newhouse, 576 Madison Ave.--Paintings by Richard Ederheimer, to Mar. 17. 
Newton, 4 E. 56--Decorative paintings by Helen Treadwell, to Mar 3.
Passedoit, Georgetter, 485 Madison Ave.--Drawings & water colors by contemporary French artists, to Mar. 7.
Rabinovitch, 142 W. 57--Photographs of "People of the Theatre," to Mar. 10.
Raymond & Raymond, 40 E. 49--Development of Graphic Arts, Mar. 5- Apr.13.
Rehn, F.K.M., 683 Fifth Ave.--Paintings & drawings by Peppino Mangravite. 
Schwartz Galleries, 507 Madison Ave.--Paintings by Lucile Howard, to Mar. 9.
Seligmann, Jacques & Co., 3 E. 51--Sculpture by Helen Haas, to Mar. 10. 
Sterner, Marie, Gallery, 9 E. 57--Portraits by Frances Greenman, to Mar. 3; Paintings by Anita Venier Alexander, Mar. 5 to Mar. 17.
Sullivan, Mary, I I I E. 62--Drawings & water colors by John La Farge, to Mar. 9.
Weyhe Gallery, 794 Lexington Ave.--Frescoes & drawings by Howard Cook, to Mar. 10; Etchings by Harry Sternberg, Mar. 12 to Mar. 31.
Wildenstein & Co., 19 E. 64--Work by Peirre Bonnard, to Mar. 24

New Jersey

*Montclair Art Museum, Bloomfield & So. Mountain Aves. Ceramic sculpture by Waylande Gregory; Paintings by American Indians; Etchings from private collections; Finger paintings, to Apr. 1.
*Newark Museum, 49 Washington St.--Tues. to Sat. 12-5, Sun. 2-6; closed Mon. Modern Amer. Paintings from Museum's collection; Jaehne collection of Netsukes; Design in sculpture; Arms & Armor.  
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