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In Bowie County State of Texas,
For the Month ending April 30th, 1868
[[20 Columned Table]]
DAY SCHOOL           
|   |No. Pupils Enrolled Last Report | Admitted | Left | Total Enrollment | Average Attendance | No. Paying Tuition | No. White Pupils | No. Always Present| Alphabet | Primer | 1st 2nd and 3rd Readers | Mental and Written Arith | Writing-Slate and C. Book. | Geography. | Higher Branches. | No. over 10 Years of Age. | No. of Needle Work.|No. Free before the War.
|Boys (14)|  28|3|1|30|27|21|0|20|20|3|0|9|0|0|0|0|1|0|
|Girls (16) | 
|Total (30)|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|                                  |        

[[20 Columned Table]]
Night School          |
|No. Pupils Enrolled Last Report|Admitted|Left|Total Enrollment|Average Attendance|No. Paying Tuition|No. White Pupils| No. Always Present|Alphabet|Primer|1st 2nd and 3rd Readers|Mental and WrittenArith|Writing-Slate and C. Book.| Geography.|Higher Branches.|No. over 10 Years of Age.|No. of Needle Work.|No. Free before the War.
|Males,0  |
|Females, 0|
|Total. 0 |---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|                                       

Sunday school.       2
No of Teachers
Total Attendance of Adults, .....25
Total Attendance Children,......38

I testify that the above Report is correct and that the Regulations have been complied with.

Forrest Hook., Teacher