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State of Texas

The obseivance of the following
is enjoined on the Teachers of Freedmen of Texas:

1. The School Hours shall be 9 A.M. to 2:30 P.M., with half hour's recess at mid-day.

2. The Morning Exercises will commence with either the singing of an appropriate hymn, or Prayer, or the reading of the Scriptures.

3. A regular order of School Exercises will be posted in each School Room.

4. The three studies of primary importance for the Freedmen, are reading, writing, and arithmetic. Teachers will therefore make these branches most prominent.

5. The Holidays shall be the same as those customary in the White Schools of this State.

6. In the Freedmen's Schools the modes of discipline must not differ from those employed in the best school systems of the North.

7. Night Schools for adults, and Sunday Schools for religious instructions may be organized by any Teacher  The Night Schools shall be kept in session every week-day evening, except Saturday, from 7 to 9:30 P.M.

8. Until further notice the following schedule of fees for tuition will be adopted in the Schools for Freedmen throughout the State, and can be collected by the Teachers in advance from each pupil attending Day School:

When but one pupil from a family attends schools, fifty (50) cents per month shall be the charge for tuition. When two attend from the same household, seventy-five (75) cents per month shall be the charge for both. When the number exceeds two, one ($1.00) dollar shall be the charge for all. Orphans, and children of widows, shall be admitted to school privileges without charge. The tuition fee for Night School will be one Dollar and a half per month. No other collections will be taken by the Teachers without the permission of the Superintendent.

9. A daily register of attendance will be kept, and at the close of each month the Teacher will promptly report in duplicate, sending one copy direct to the Superintendent of Schools for the State, and forwarding the other to Sub-Assistant Commissioner, in whose District the School is located.

10. Under the head of "Remarks," the Teacher will state the general progress made by the school during the month; the serious hindrances, if any, encountered; and such practical suggestions as may seems calculated to give impulse to the Educational work.

10. This Report is incomplete unless to each question an exact or approximate answer is given, and unless each blank is filled by a number, or cypher.

1st Lieut. 26th U.S. Infantry,
Superintendent of Schools for Freedmen and Refugees, State of Texas.

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