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These brief definitions will make it easier for you to understand this Sales Planning Guide.

DIRECT MAIL: The booklets, folders, letters (other than personal or business) that pass over your desk are classified as "direct mail." They carry the same type of sales message as "display advertising" but can be directed to a specific group of prospects, determined by a mailing list. See DIRECT MAIL SECTION in this Sales Planning Guide.

DISPLAY ADVERTISING: Regular advertisements you see in newspapers and magazines. These "ads" carry sales messages designed to command attention, create interest and a desire for your service. The media sell the space occupied by the advertisement. The media can be selected to reach a defined industry, business group or business area. Bell provides mat sheets, including complete advertisements, which can be used for "Display Advertising." See "ADVERTISING... Tool for Business Growth: in this Sales Planning Guide.

LOCAL ADVERTISING: Advertisements placed in local or weekly newspapers that are circulated within a one or two city area. Mailing lists from telephone directories, club rosters, etc., are considered purely "local advertising."

MEDIA: Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and billboards that carry advertising messages.

NATIONAL ADVERTISING: Advertisements placed in LIFE, LOOK, BUSINESS WEEK, AVIATION WEEK, etc., are considered as "national advertising," as are mailing lists that include people all over the nation

PUBLICITY: In an advertising or promotional sense, publicity is news about a person or company which appears in media. Major news stories are covered by newspapers, magazines and newspaper wire services are automatically by their own reporters and photographers. News about your company of lesser importance, must be sent to them. This is explained in the section of this Sales Planning Guide under "CASH IN ON REGOINAL PUBLICITY."

SALES PROMOTION: A wide range of activities is covered under this category, from giving away orchids at a store opening to handing out business cards. Flying in Santa Claus by helicopter is a good sales promotion stunt. Any planned favorable activity that calls attention to your company or your service can be classified as sales promotion.

SALES TOOLS: Brochures, folders, individual Christmas present to customers and other give-away items can be listed as sales tools.
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