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One of your best contacts is by direct mail. This way your message is delivered personally to your prospects. The drawback to this method of communication is in securing an adequate list and in the cost per individual mailing. 


a. You should set up a card file on all your customers. They are your best prospects for additional business and should be contacted regularly. 
b. The Chamber of Commerce in most cities or towns can supply you with several types of lists. 
c. The local telephone book is always a good source. 
d. If you are a subscriber to Dun & Bradstreet, several types of lists are available from them. These lists are broken down by states. 
e. Regional or local Letter Service Companies. These people, listed in your telephone book under "Advertising-Direct Mail," can supply you with all types of lists and help with your mail program. 


a. PERSONALIZED LETTERS: A letter, written just as you talk to customers, can be individually typed by your secretary, a public stenographer or a Letter Service Company. A sample letter is attached. You will note it is strictly informal, gets to the point quickly, states what your service will mean to the reader and asks for the order.
b. FORM LETTERS: Many methods of preparing form letters are available from auto-typing (a letter individually typed automatically by a machine) to mimeographed letters. The more nearly the form letter duplicates the individually typed letter, the more successful it will be; i.e., the autotyped letter the best (and most costly) to the mimeographed letter the least impressive (and cheapest). Your printer or Letter Service Company can help you with writing and reproducing your letters. 

c. ENCLOSURES: Often along with your letter, it is a good idea to enclose sales literature. Having something "fall out" of the envelope attracts interest. Your enclosures may range from the attractive 4-color sales literature (enclosed with this folder) to just a business card. 

3. TIMING: Same as for display advertising. 

4. SCHEDULING: Don't go into the mail with only one mailing piece. Plan a four or eight week campaign with a mailing every week or every two weeks..some definite schedule. Mailings can be varied such as: 

(1) Letter
(2) Letter and Sales Literature
(3)Sales literature with small, off-size note
(4) Photo with pilot's business card
(5) Sales Literature
(6) Letter with Bell advertisement reprint
(7)Reprint of a Bell advertisement with note
(8) Letter with New Year's calendar
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