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(2) Cautionary range -- 2500 to 2700 rpm,yellow arc.
(3) Normal operating -- 2300 to 2500 rpm, green arc.
(4) Minimum for flight -- 2300 rpm, red radial line.

b. Rotor:

(1) Maximum power-off -- 330 rpm, red radial line.
(2) Normal operating -- 237 to 330 rpm, green arc.
(3) Minimum power-off -- 237 rpm, red radial line.

4. Engine Oil Temperature:

a. Maximum -- 104°C (220°F), red radial line.
b. Normal operating -- 60 to 80°C (140 to 176°F), green arc.
c. Minimum -- 40°C (104°F), red radial line.

5. Carburetor Air Temperature:

a. Maximum -- 54°C (129°F), red radial line.
b. Normal operating -- 15 to 54°C (59 to 129°F), green arc.
c. Cautionary range -- minus 10 to 15°C (14 to 59°F), yellow arc.

6. Cylinder Head Temperature:

a. Maximum -- 260°C (500°F), red radial line.
b. Cautionary range -- 232 to 260°C (450 to 500°F), yellow arc.
c. Normal operating -- 100 to 232°C (212 to 450°F), green arc.

7. Transmission Oil Temperature (all transmissions):

a. Maximum -- 95°C (205°F), red radial line.
b. Normal range -- minus 10 to 95°C (50 to 205°F), green arc.
c. Cold weather -- minus 70 to minus 10°C (-90 to 140°F), yellow arc.
d. Minimum -- minus 70°C (-90°F), red radial line)

(For operating temperatures below 10°C (50°F) use oil, QPL 7808A, Spec MIL-L-7808).

8. Manifold Pressure

7    CAA-APPROVED FEBRUARY 26, 1958, V-44
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