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a. Takeoff (100/130 octane fuel -- 52.5 inches Hg, red radial line
b. Takeoff (100/130 octane fuel -- 47.5 to 52.5 inches Hg, yellow arc.
c. Normal operating -- 20 to 47.5 inches Hg, green arc.

9. Engine Oil Pressure:

a. Maximum -- 90 psi, red radial line.
b. Normal operating -- 65 to 75 psi, green arc.
c. Minimum -- 50 psi, red radial line.

10. Fuel Pressure:

a. Maximum -- 28 psi, red radial line.
b. Normal operating -- 21 to 27 psi, green arc.
c. Minimum -- 19 psi, red radial line.

11. Transmission Oil Pressure:

a. Maximum --85 psi, red radial line
b. Normal operating -- 20 to 85 psi, green arc.
c. Minimum -- 20 psi, red radial line.

12. Hydraulic Boost Pressure:

a. Maximum -- 1150 psi, red radial line.
b. Normal operating -- 900 to 1100 psi, green arc.
c. Minimum -- 800 psi, red radial line.


1. Maximum Never Exceed Speed:

a. Vne 110 knots IAS, 2500 engine rpm at sea level. (See placard for other airspeeds, altitudes and engine rpm).


NOTE: Except as otherwise noted, all placards are to be in the cockpit in full view of the pilot.

CAA-APPROVED FEBRUARY 26, 1958, V-44    8
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