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inform the present stockholders, potential stockholders and the financial community of its activities and of new developments in the field of commercial helicopter transportation.
2. New York Airways presently has over 240,000 shares of capital stock outstanding, but there are considerably less than 1, 000 stockholders and the shares are not very actively traded in the over-the-counter market. For the benefit of all stockholders, and in order to inform properly the potential stockholder, an ethical effort should be made to broaden the investment interest in the Company. This best can be done through a planned program of financial relations.
3. New York Airways recently raised additional capital in the form of senior money to finance new equipment purchases. If it is assumed that the Company is on the threshhold of a vigorous growth era, additional financing will be required in the future and some portion of this new money undoubtedly will be obtained from the sale of stock or convertible securities. In this case the market value of the equity at the time will govern the cost of this new money to the Company and, therefore, management should cultivate a broad investment interest in order to insure that funds for expansion are obtained as economically as possible.

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