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RW ES January 30, 1928

Robert Tannahill, Esq.,
121 East Boston Blvd.,
Detroit, Mich.

Dear Mr. Tannahill,
Having returned to New York a few days ago, I remembered your telling me that you would come to New York sometime during this week, and it would give me great pleasure to see you here at our galleries, so that I can show you through the house.

Besides, with this opportunity, I want to ask your advice as to a miniature of George Washington painted and signed by S. EINSLIE. The miniature is very fine in quality and a friend of mine from Switzerland who has sent the piece over to me asked my advice as to value, etc., as he may want to sell it. I imagine that you understand much more about these things and their value than I do, and should you be here in New York, I shall be delighted to show you this miniature.

Trusting to hear from you, and hoping to see you soon again, 

I am with my kindest regards,
Yours very sincerely,
(Rolf H. Waegen)