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November Flite Facts


Street - Manhattan, LGA, and JFK. For PAA, using three new V107's, the service will be the mid-town Pan Am roof top to JFK, and in the near future, service from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. PAA recently bought this airport from the New York Port Authority mainly for their executive aircraft sales division. 

New York Airways and TWA

On June 25, pilot bulletin boards contained notification by teletype from Flight Operations that effective June 28, NYA will operate from Gate 7 of the JFK Flight Center wing. At LGA, the location is the Gate 23 area in the same wing used by TWA. At EWR, the position is at the far end of the terminal on the side towards the old terminal building.

The Wall Street - Manhattan stop is located at Pier 6 in the East River near the South Ferry area and the East Side Drive. It is accessible from several subway stops on both the IRT and BMT subways. For arriving passengers going to carriers other than TWA at JFK, free bus service is provided. Regular pickups are made from the International Arrival Building. 

SFO and OAK Helicopter Airlines has been underwritten on the same basis for a new service. This connects Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, and SFO at TWA concourse, Gate 56. Additional East Bay flights provide selective connections for a new level of passenger convenience in the SFO bay area. These include Marin County, Berkeley, Contra Costa, downtown Oakland, and San Francisco, as well as the two airports.

A central heliport facility for SFO in an area between the South Terminal building and the central portion (between Piers D and E) is planned for as early as 1968.

In addition to the convenience and time saving, these two air services have considerable sightseeing attraction. They provide a hungry pigeons view of the areas and the usual opinion of a first rider is that the trip's duration was too short. The route out of EWR to Wall Street usually provides an opportunity of figuratively looking eye to eye with the Statue of Liberty. The Manhattan skyline on any trip from this level is worthwhile. The flight EWR-LGA is particularly impressive when made at a time when enough afternoon daylight keeps the buildings still visible, but lights have been turned on inside. NYA provides in the seat pocket a guide for camera settings for most types including movies. SFO makes available a same-day excursion round trip for sightseeing. 

SFO has an equipment feature in their "Jet Skimmer" hovercraft. This is billed as the world's first commercial air cushion vehicle. The "Jet Skimmer"
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