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November Flite Facts 

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Metropolitan Air Services (Cont'd)


Computerized findings of United Aircraft's Research Laboratories indicate some startling operating characteristics for the optimum VTOL transport. These figures are incorporated by a need for improving overall trip time, being possible only from more centralized terminal location with increased traffic per terminal. 

Research in deflect thrust, lift cruise engines, and pure lift powerplants began in manufacturer's competition the first of this year. Success in this field could bring in the 1970's 100 passenger VTOL's cruising 375-500 knots, on trips of over 500 miles.

TWA's man who is presently concerned with all the foregoing is Mr. Jack B. Asire. He is the senior director of Metropolitan Air Services, located in New York City. A line captain and check pilot for many years, he served as a director of flight test and inspection at MCI before becoming General Manager and Member of the Board, of Ethiopian Airlines in Addis Ababa. Ethiopian Airlines have five helicopters in service there. Jack became a rated helicoptor pilot on Bell 47's while in Ethiopia. Several TWA liine pilots also have varied amounts of helicopter experience, mostly military. 

San Francisco carries approximately 12,000 passengers per month; New York Airways is presently carrying approximately 31,000 passengers per month between the three metropolitan airports and the Wall Street heliport. The Papal visit set a new high in passengers carried, with 1830 on that day. 

NYA with TWA assistance will make penetrations into new areas of service beginning in April 1966. It is estimated that service from the Pan Am building roof will begin this month. The system schedule reflects connections offered and minimum connecting times. Tariffs have been adjusted to encourage greater passenger use. The helicopter of today does not represent the solution to the mass transportation problems of the future. It is now making a good start, but operating costs remain high. The VTOL successor will eventually improve this humble start. 

The small fixed wing air taxi, under 12,500[[?]], is included in TWA's metropolitan plan. ABC Air Taxi, operating on a published schedule in the Los Angeles area is contributing valuable interline service and operating out of Gate 31 at the TWA satellite. This company offers one, eight-passenger, twin engine Beechcraft and two Piper Aztecs. An air taxi contract now provides regular service for transporting TWA international flight crews between JFK and WRI. The weather minimums have now been approved for 500-1, greatly increasing utilization on this contract. 
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