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November Flite Facts


stations and lists the combination of jet routes with their associated numbers, most often used on the MTR's. 

The index provides the reference, numbers for breakdown of the individual segment point-to-point times for the en route portion of the flight plan.


This is used for flights exceeding 900 miles. The guide is a relatively permanent reference of the station weather display. Individual copies are not necessary since the guide will only have use in preparing a flight plan at that particular station. 
Nomenclature has through the years of aviation progress became quite important. In fact some subjects have developed their own language. The following is a manufacturer's advertisement, reprinted as an explanatory treatise on this subject. 

"There's some weird thing going around that hydraulic engineers and electronic engineers can speak together only through the aid of an interpreter. We assume they mean when those engineers are talking about hydraulics and/or electronics. We've heard them converse quite glibly on other matters. Like girls. 

"If you lock a Panamanian and a Polynesian in a room for a week, either (1) the Panamanian will emerge speaking Polynesian, (2) the Polynesian will emerge speaking Panamanian, (3) they will invent a new language containing essential ingredients of each or (4) they'll end up hating each other... assuming they are of the same sex. 

"So what we did was lock up all the hydraulic engineers with all the electronic engineers as sort of a test case. After 14 years, we are happy to release the results of our research study. It gets pretty wild. 

"What's happening now is that we are making hydraulic transformers. All right. Quit hollering. What does a transformer do? It intensifies. Or it deintensifies. Right? So instead of calling them intensifiers or deintensifiers as the hydraulic people have been doing lo these many years, our hydraulics/electronics people call them hydraulic transformers. Nobody understands them, of course, but they're communicating with each other anyway. 

"Actually, these people have gotten a little carried away with the whole thing. What is a diode (electronic)
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