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subsidy should be terminated at the end of the fiscal year.  So, therefore we are faced with the condition that makes it necessary to find some new plan to carry this load.  It is with this mind that these hearings were called and we deeply appreciate your valued testimony, Mr. Murphy. 

Senator MURPHY. I appreciate the position of the committee, Senator. I would also point out that some of the other helicopter services and conditions are slightly different. I merely urge all possible help be given to continue these services in my particular State, which I know are badly needed, and that travel and traffic condition would be badly injured if they were discontinued. 

With regard to the manner, this is a matter for the committee, and I wouldn't inject myself. I came merely as a supplicant to make a plea for this service, and I would impress with any way I can upon the committee the necessity of the continuation, not only from the standpoint of travel and convenience, commerce, but also from the standpoint of development of the art. 

For instance, it might be said that a good deal of the research and development that otherwise would have to be paid for in other ways by the Government in order to improve their military craft, may be considered taken up. I know that this may be an obtuse way of presenting this, but nevertheless it is true, I believe. 

I thank the committee. 

Senator MONRONEY. May I ask a personal question? How long does it take you to drive, at peak traffic conditions, from your home to the airport, or vice versa?

Senator MURPHY. It will take any time from 25 to 45 minutes. 

Senator MONRONEY. You are closer than most people?

Senator MURPHY. Oh, yes. Yes. 

Senator MONRONEY. Let's say you were driving from downtown, Los Angeles, to the airport, during peak traffic period, how much time would it take? 

Senator MURPHY. During the peak traffic it will take probably 55 minutes. During good traffic it will take you 30, where you have a freeway that is close by. In my case, there is a freeway that is 10 minutes from where I live. Downtown, you can get on a freeway and it is fairly direct. 

Senator MONRONEY. Apparently it is not such a problem in Los Angeles to get to the airport from downtown. 

Senator MURPHY. It is not from downtown. This is not the plea. 

Senator MONRONEY. Give me a typical example. What I was reaching for was a typical example of why we need to subsidize this service because of the terrible traffic conditions. Would it be from Hollywood?

Senator MURPHY. No, from the surrounding towns that I have named, and this is the only way that you can reach towns, for instance in the Los Angeles area of Van Nuys. 

Senator MONRONEY. In other words, the traffic conditions are not serious from the Hollywood area or downtown?

Senator MURPHY. It is a matter of at least 35 minutes.
Senator MONRONEY. How about the other towns?

Senator MURPHY. The distances are so great out there, for instance, from Van Nuys during heavy traffic, it would probably take you an