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Mr. BOYD.  4.3

Senator MONRONEY.  $5 million for 1963 and $4.3 million last year?
Mr. BOYD.  Yes, sir.  Fiscal year 1963 was $5 million.

Senator MONRONEY.  The current year, fiscal 1965, 4.3?

Mr. BOYD.  Yes, sir.

Senator MONRONEY.  1966, 42.?

Mr. BOYD.  Yes, sir.

Senator MONRONEY.  That will reasonably cover their operating costs so that they will continue at this present level, say, of 4.3 in 1965?  The indication is that the losses of the helicopter lines will be minimized enough so that they can continue operations?

Mr. BOYD.  Yes, sir.  I want to make it clear that the subsidy payments for the past several years, and projected for the future, have not provided any return on investment.

This has been a break-even subsidy.

Senator MONRONEY.  A break-even subsidy?

Mr. BOYD.  Yes, sir.  I should say practically break-even.  There has been some money available for the payment of interest.

Senator MONRONEY.  On their gross income, what percentage of that is covered by the mail pay?  Approximation would be enough.

Mr. BOYD.  You are talking about subsidy?

Senator MONRONEY.  You referred to it as mail pay.  What I am trying to do is find out how much the Post Office pays these helicopter lines as they transport mail to and from the airport.

Mr. BOYD.  The service mail pay would approximate about 2 percent of total revenue.

Senator MONRONEY.  It would approximately only 2 percent?

Mr. BOYD.  Yes, sir.

Senator MONRONEY.  That is strictly limited at the present time to the airmail that is sent out; is that correct?

Mr. BOYD.  That is my understanding.

Senator MONRONEY.  You show very clearly on page 693—the distinguished Senator from Ohio has called my attention to the House hearings, page 693—the table that you furnished to the Appropriations Committee of the House under Chairman Albert Thomas shows very clearly the history up through 1963.  I would suggest that you take that chart and bring it up to date, which has been done by the distinguished Senator from Ohio to shoe the dollars and percentages up through 1964, 1965—the anticipated for 1965 and 1966.

Mr. BOYD.  We will update that for the record.

(The following chart was received from the Civil Aeronautics Board:)