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municipal funds have been expended for the purchase of a helicopter site to serve the citizens of Downey and the surrounding area; and

Whereas the city has appropriated sufficient funds in its current budget to properly improve the heliport in accordance with the Civil Aeronautics Board standards to provide adequate facilities for said helicopter service to our citizens and;

Whereas previous testimonials have been submitted outlining the importance of scheduled helicopter service to the citizens of this area, including North American Aviation Space and Information Division, Aerojet General, and many other industries and commercial firms directly related to the economy of southern California.

Whereas we have been advised that the continued subsidiary to helicopter service, if continued until the year 1970, would provide sufficient experience and customer habits for helicopter use that the subsidiary could be discontinued after 1970 in accordance with current and future conservative Federal expenditures:  Now, therefore, the city council of the city of Downey does

Resolve, as follows:

SECTION 1.  That the Congress of the United States and the Bureau of the Budget include in the budget between now and 1970, sufficient funds as recommended by the Civil Aeronautics Board for phasing out Government assistance of helicopter operations rather than any abrupt termination of helicopter subsistence.

SEC. 2.  The city clerk shall certify to the adoption of this resolution.
Approved and adopted this 22d day of December 1964.


Attest:     DELLA DOYLE, City Clerk.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1963.

Chief, Air Traffic Branch, Federal Aviation Agency, Federal Region Area Office,
Post Office Box 45018, Los Angeles, Calif.

DEAR MR. FREIMAN:  It has come to our attention that the Federal Aviation Agency is considering a request to establish a heliport at a location north and east of the Bellflower Boulevard and Imperial Highway intersection in Downey.

The proposed heliport site is adjacent to a portion of North American Aviation's property, and relatively near our main plant here in Downey.  We would like to point out to you that we feel a heliport of this type is very definitely needed in the Downey area and would be of considerable benefit to our company.  As you know, we are the principal contractor for the Apollo lunar spacecraft, the Saturn S-II space booster, and numerous other national-effort projects.

It is, therefore, our sincere hope that the Los Angeles Airways heliport application is approved.

Very truly yours,
Public Relations Manager,
Space and Information Systems Division.


Downey, Calif., October 10, 1962.

Chairman, Civil Aeronautics Administration Board,
Universal Building, Washington, D.C.

DEAR MR. BOYD:  We are pleased to present herewith a brochure depicting the importance of helicopter transportation in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.  The city of Downey approximately 2 years ago purchased a site properly located, near some of our industrial plants such as North American Aviation and Aerojet General, which will serve a surrounding area of over 1 million people.  The city has entered into an agreement with Los Angeles Airways for helicopter service and we are presenting this brochure in the hopes that official approval will be given to the Los Angeles Airways for helicopter operations from the Downey Municipal Airport in the near future.
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