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28-30 August 1967, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, N.Y.

                                     April 21, 1967

John de S. Coutinho
32 Dartmouth Street
Garden City, N.Y. 11530
Phone : (516) 575-1651

                  Rear Admiral.E. S. Schanze USN (Ret.)
                  Associate Executive Director
                  New York Academy of Sciences
                  2 East 63 Street, New York, N.Y.
                  Phone : (212) TE 8-0230

1. This "Information Sheet for Authors' " is distributed in conjunction with two other documents: a. Author's Confirmation form, and b. ASME Manual MS-4, An ASME Paper

2. Kindly fill out the Author's Confirmation form immediately and mail it in the stamped return envelope provided for the purpose.

3. ASME Manual MS-4 contains instructions relative to the format of your paper.

4. As soon as the review of your final draft is completed and your paper released by your session organizer, kindly prepare your manuscript in accordance with Manual MS-4. Three copies are required instead of the four copies specified on page 9 of MS-4. Two clean copies with two sets of illustration suitable for reproduction should be sent to: John Coutinho, 32 Dartmouth Street, Garden City, New York 11530. The third copy should be sent to your session organizer. The deadline for the receipt of these three copies is May 15, 1967 unless your session organizer has agreed to a later date.

5. All paper submitted in accordance with these rules will be publishes as an ASME pamphlets and will be available for sale before, during, and for ten months after the meeting. All papers selected by the Academy's Publications Committee will be published after the meeting in a hard-cover bound volume similar to the one published by ASME for the 1966 National transportation Symposium. In selecting the papers for inclusion in the bound volume, the Academy's Publications Committee will normally rely on the recommendation of the review committee headed by your session organizer. All authors will receive committee headed by your session organizer. All authors will receive a free copy of the bound volume and a reduction in registration fee.

6. If a manuscript is submitted by May 15, the author had the privilege of suggesting up to five "invited discussors" who will receive copies of his paper before the meeting. If these discussors prepare their discussion in writing, and the final text of their discussion is available on the last day of the Forum (August 30,1967), it may be included with the paper in the bound volume.

7. From a practical viewpoint, authors would do well to prepare two presentations: an "oral" presentation for use at the meeting, and a written paper for publication. These two presentations are not the same, one being in "oral" English, the other in "written" English.

The oral presentation should be interpretive and directed at stimulating the interest of the audience; it must be lively, animated, and devoid of too much technical detail. Reference should be made to the written paper for supporting data.
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