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Transportation - A Service Schedule of Simultaneous Sessions 

|9-12am|Monday, 28 August, 1967|Tuesday, 29 August, 1967|Wednesday, 30 August, 1967|

|1A-Goal for Transportation  Empire Room|3A-Effects of Advances in Transportation on Economic and Social Activities  Empire Room|5A-Historical Considerations  Empire Room|

|1B-Safety  Astor Gallery|3B-Transportation Planning for the Northeast Corridor   Astor Gallery|5B-Urban Transportation; Concepts and Tech-niques-I   Astor Gallery|

|1C-Operations Research and Simulation  Jade Room|3C-Vehicle-Guideway-Suspension Dynamics  Jade Room|5C-Computer Applications to Transportation Problems  Jade Room|

|1D-Future Directions of Aircraft Utilization  Basildon Room|3D-Mechanical Transportation Versus Mobility  Basildon Room|5D-Propulsion; Gas Turbines  Basildon Room|

|12:45 Spirit of St. Louis Luncheon|Lunch Period|Lunch Period|

|2-5pm|2A-Role of Government in Transportation Empire Room|4A-Sociological Consideration Empire Room|6A Role of Competition in Improving Transpor-tation Empire Room|

|2B-Predicting the Demand for Transportation  Astor Gallery|4B-Great Lakes Megalopolis and the Canadian Corridor Astor Gallery|6B-Urban Transportation; Concepts and Techniques II Astor Gallery|

|2C-Military Transportation  Jade Room|4C-Overseas Transportation Jade Room|6C-Research and Priorities Jade Room|

|2D-Navigation and Meteorology  Basildon Room|4D-Helicopter Applications Basildon Room|6D-Materials Handling  Basildon Room|

|6pm Mixer  Empire Room| |1968 Open Program Committee Meeting|

Your Invitation to the Sesquicentennial Forum on Transportation Engineering [[image]] clouds and sun, train tracks, road, water [[/image]] 
New York Academy of Sciences 
2 East 63rd Street, New York 10021

Non-Profit org. 
U.S. Postage 
New York, N.Y. 
Permit No.8983

Advance Program
a service [[symbols]] The New York Academy of Science 1817 [[/symbols]]
Sesquicentennial Forum on Transportation Engineering
August 28-30, 1967
The Waldorf Astoria
New York, N.Y.

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