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Insurance Co., Lynbrook, N.Y.

Vice Chairman: Howard Silfin, Inspection Engineering Supervisor, The Port of New York Authority, New York, N.Y.

A Cost-Benefit Approach to Transportation Developments
David G. Wilson, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.

A Kinematic Safety Seat System for Automobiles
Byron Bloch, Consultant, Human Factors Engineering and Industrial Design, West Los Angeles, Calif.

Recent Developments in Aviation Safety
R.M. Woodham, Associate Director, Cornell-Guggenheim Aviation Safety Center, New York N.Y.

Containers and Safety
G.H.E. Buxton, Director, Safety Bureau, New York Shipping Association, New York, N.Y.

Session 1C                               Jade Room

Chairman: Edward K. Morlok, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, III.

Vice Chairman: Charles T. Phillips, Office of High Speed Ground Transportation, U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, D.C.

Computer Simulation Toward On-Line Decision-Making in Transportation Systems
Frederick A. Koomanoff, Planning Research Corporation, Washington, D.C.

Capacity of Transport Centers
Tom Rallis, Department for Road Construction, Traffic Engineering, and Town Planning. The Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen.

A Minimum-Delay Algorithm and its Applications to the Real-Time Control  of a City's Traffic Signals
Harvey Goldstein, Associate Electronics Engineer, Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Cornell University, Buffalo, N.Y.

Commercial V/STOL Systems Analysis by Airline Simulation
Lee R. Howard, Operations Research Scientist; and Joel F. Kahn, Operations Research Specialist; Lockheed-California Co., Burbank, Calif. 

Session 1D                               Basildon Room

Chairman: William Littlewood, Martingham, St. Michaels, Md. 

Vice Chairman: Leroy Simpson, Aero-Performance Inc., Manahasset, N.Y.; and Kenneth M. Foreman, Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., Bethpage, N.Y.

Sizing Up the Cargo Plane
M.K. Bowden, R&D Engineer; C. R. Dutton, Manager, Commercial Aircraft Marketing Research and Engineering; and D.M. Ryle, Manager, Advanced Design Aerodynamics, Lockheed-Georgia Co., Sandy Springs, Ga.

Requirements Analysis for a Family of All-Cargo Aircraft
Robert C. Hornburg, Chief Advanced Development Engineering, Systems Development, Douglas Aircraft Co., Long Beach, Calif.

Airline Operational Simulation
T.L. Croswell, Airlines Industry Analyst, IBM Data Processing Headquarters, White Plains, N.Y.

The Optimum Routing for an Air Cargo Carrier's Mixed Fleet
Robert A. Barton, Operations Research Analyst Senior; and Robert J. Gumaer, Senior and Operations Research Analyst; Lockheed-Georgia Co., Marietta, Ga.

The "Just-Right" Jet
John J. Casey, Senior Vice President-Operations; and Jere T. Farrah. Vice President-Maintenance and Engineering; Seaboard World Airlines. John F. Kennedy International Airport, Jaimaic, N.Y. 


Predicting the Demand for Transportation Services
William J. Baumal, Professor of Economics and Project Director , U.S. Dept. of Commerce Northeast Corridor Freight Transportation Study, Princeton University; and Margaret E. Stengel, Research Analyst, MATHEMATICA, Princeton, N.J.

Predicting Demand for Transportation in Underdeveloped Countries
George W. Wilson, Professor of Economics and Chairman, Department of Economics, Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind.

Session 2C                                  Jade Room

Chairman: Marvin L. Manheim, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. 

Vice Chairman: Joseph H. Stafford, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. 

Decision Issues in Routing and Scheduling a Deploying Force 
Joseph H. Stafford, Ass't. Professor; and Laurence Beckreck, Instructor, Department of Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.  

Structure of Strategic Mobility Analysis
Hunter M. Woodball, Staff Member, Mitre Corporation, Bailey's Crossroads, Va. 

Stimulation in the Analysis of DOD Transportation Systems
Paul M. Montrone, F. A. Nicolai, and W. K. Boutwell, Staff Analysts, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Systems Analysis), Washington, D.C. 

Information Systems for Transportation Planning 
Richard de Neufville, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.  

TRAMPS-A Computer Program for a TRAnsportation Movement Planning System
Major Joseph Best USAF, National Military Command Systems Support Center, Defense Communications Agency; Lt. Cdr. Theodore Fischer US, Special Assistant Strategic Mobility, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington, D.C., and Rodney Jordan, IBM Corporation, Arlington, Va. 

The Gross Feasibility Estimator for Military Movement Planning
Leonard R. Rubin, Computer Sciences Corp., Silver Spring, Md. 

Session 2D                             Basildon Room 

Chairman: P. R. J. Reynolds, Superintendent of Navigation, Pan American World Airways, J. F. K. International Airport, N.Y. 

Vice Chairman: Leroy Simpson, Aero-Perfomance Inc., Manhasset, N.Y. 

Development in Doppler-Inertial Air Navigation
Heinz Buell, GPL Division; and James Gevas, Kearfott Systems Division, General Precesion Aerospace Group, Pleasantville, N.Y. 

A New Gyrocompass for Smaller Vessels 
Richard J. Arthur, Engineering Department Head, Sperry Piedmont Co., Charlottesville, Va. 

Astro Inertial Navigation Systems
Eric H. Tecklenburg, Assistant to the President, Kollsman Instrument Corp., Syosset, N.Y. 

Transportation Benefits from Adavanced Aerospace Meteorological Systems
Earl S. Meritt, Senior Meteorologist, Allied Reasearch Associates Inc., Concord, Mass. 

Non-Economic Criteria for Transportation Planning 
Robert L. Durham, FAIA, President, The American Institute of Architects, Seattle, Wash. 

Session 3C                                 Jade Room

Chairman: John A. Howland; Director, Analytical Division, FosterMiller Associates, Waltham, Mass. 

Vice Chairman: Herbert H. Richardson, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, M. I. T., Cambridge, Mass. 

Road Roughness and Passenger Comfort for Wheeled Vehicles
Herman J. Bruns, Assistant; and Ernst Fiala, Professor, Institute for Automobile Engineering, Technical Univ. of Berlin. 

On the Optimization of Vehicle Suspensions Using Random Process Theory
Erich K. Bender, Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.; Dean C. Karnopp, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering; and Igor L. Paul, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.  

Investigation of the Truck Hunting Instability Problem of High Speed Trains
James W. Clark, Supervisor, Fluid Mechanics Group; and E. Harry Law, Research Engineer, Dynamic Systems Group; Aerophysics Section, United Aircraft Research Laboratories, East Hartford, Conn. 

An Analysis of the Ride Response of a Pneumatic-Tired Rapid Transit Vehicle Riding on a Cambered Beam Roadbed
Nelson M. Isada, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, N.Y. 

The Dynamics of Fluid-Suspended Ground Transport Vehicles; a First Order Analysis
Herbert H. Richardson, Kushroo Captain, and William A. Ribich; Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.  

Roll Control of a Fluid-Supported Vehicle Moving in a Non-Evacuated Tube 
Dean K. Frederick, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering; and Imsong Lee, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y. 

Session 3D                                Basildon Room

Chairman: James J. Murray, Director, Engineering Sciences Div., U.S. Army Research Office, Duke University, Durham, N.C. 

Vice Chairman: Charles M. Harman, Senior Engineering Advisor, Engineering Sciences Division, U.S. Army Research Office, Duke University, Durham, N.C.

The Effects of Growing Physical Mobility on Social Mobility
Ralph A. Gakenheimer, Associate Professor, Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapil Hill, N.C.

Recent Wind Tunnel Testing of the Northeast Corridor High Speed Cars
Robert Ebenbach, Design Engineer, The Budd Co. Railway Div., Philadelphia, Pa.; Thomas E. Peirce, Vice President; and Barnes W. McCormick Jr., President, Aero Engineering Associates, States College, Pa. 

Prerequisites of Mobility
Robert R. Philippe, Chief, Science and Technology Div., U.S. Army Material Command, Washington, D.C.

The Development of a Quadruped Walking Machine
Ralph S. Mosher, Advanced Technology Laboratories, General Electric Co., Schenectady, N.Y.; and Ronald A. Liston, Land Locomotion Division, U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Command, Warren, Mich. 




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