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West Side Airlines Terminal is not included in the basic travel times. At the airport, the buses deliver passengers directly to their flight. The one exception in this study is the shuttle bus between Kennedy and LaGuardia. The one-way travel time for this shuttle service includes [[strikethrough]] one half of the time required to stop at all unit terminals at Kennedy.

[[underline]] Subway Frequency and Running Times [[/underline]]

    The peak hour subway frequencies used for headway adjustment were obtained directly from New York City Transit Authority records and PATH schedules. Frequencies used for the peak hour actually are operated for approximately two hours during both the morning and afternoon of each weekday. Late evening and week-end frequencies are lower. Running time between stations are taken directly from public schedules. These do not very appreciable by time of day.

[[underline]] Walking Times [[/underline]]

    Walking times also must be computed when passenger origins do not coincide with the originating station of the selected transportation to the airport. A minimum of a four minute walk is required for subway to airport trips that originate at Fifth Avenue and Thirty-fourth Street. Walking times with luggage are assumed to be 150 feet per minute during the peak hour and 200 feet per minute during the remainder of the day. A lesser walking time is required to reach the subway from Wall and Nassau Streets.

[[underline]] COMPUTATION OF PASSENGER FARES [[/underline]]

    The actual 1965 fares are available for the airport bus services. However, the computation of taxi costs involve significant assumptions. Cab meters determine taxi fares in New York City and Newark. There is an