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Parts 1 to 4 - Reserved for Coleoptera and other documents on insects.


Part 1-Insects of Porto [[Puerto]] Rico and the Virgin Islands—Odonata or Dragon Flies, Illustrated, by Elsie Broughton Klots (1932).

Part 2-Insects of Porto [[Puerto]] Rico and the Virgin Islands—Homoptera(excepting the Sternorhynchi), with numerous illustrations, by Herbert Osborn (1935).

Part 3-Insects of Porto [[Puerto]] Rico and the Virgin Islands—Hemiptera-Heteroptera (excepting the Miridae and Corixidae), illustrated, by Harry Gardner Barber (1939).

Part 4-Reserved for Hemiptera.


Part 1-Brachyuran Crabs of Porto [[Puerto]] Rico and the Virgin Islands, with numerous illustrations, by Mary J. Rathbun (1933).

Part 2-Crustacea Macrura and Anomura of Porto [[Puerto]] Rico and the Virgin Islands, with numerous illustrations, by Waldo L. Schmitt; the Amphipods of Porto [[Puerto]] Rico and the Virgin Islands, illustrated, by Clarence R. Shoemaker (1935).

Part 3-Arachnida of Porto [[Puerto]] Rico and the Virgin Island, by W. J. Gertsch (in preparation).

Part 4-Reserved for Myriapods.


Part 1-A Handbook of the Littoral Echinoderms of Porto [[Puerto]] Rico and the Other West Indian Islands, with seven plates, by Hubert Lyman Clark (1933).

Part 2-Polychaetous Annelids of Porto [[Puerto]] Rico and Vicinity, with numerous illustrations, by A. L. Treadwell (1939).

Part 3-Bryozoa of Porto [[Puerto]] Rico, with a Résumé of the West Indian Bryozoan Fauna, with numerous illustrations, by Raymond C. Osburn (1940).

Part 4-Marine Cercariae of Porto [[Puerto]] Rico, with numerous illustrations, by Raymond M. Cable (1956).


Part I-The Pelecypoda or Bivalve Mollusks of Porto [[Puerto]] Rico and the Virgin Islands, with numerous illustrations, by Richard A. McLean (1951).

Part 2-Digenetic Trematodes of Puerto Rican Shore Birds, by Raymond M. Cable, Robert S. Connor, and Jan W. Balling (1960).

Part 3-Digenetic Trematodes of Marine Fishes of Puerto Rico, by Ather H Siddiqui and Raymond M. Cable (1960).

Part 4-Reserved for other documents on invertebrates.


Part 1-Porto [[Puerto]] Rican Archaeology, illustrated, by Froelich G. Rainey (1940).

Part 2-A Large Archaeological Site at Capa, Utuado, with Notes on Other Porto
 [[Puerto]] Rico Sites Visited in 1914-1915, with numerous illustrations, by J. Alden Mason; Appendix-An Analysis of the Artifacts of the 1914-1915 Porto [[Puerto]] Rican Survey, with many illustrations, by Irving Rouse (1941).

Part 3-Porto [[Puerto]] Rican Prehistory: Introduction; Excavations in the West and North, illustrated, by Irving Rouse (1952).

Part 4-Porto [[Puerto]] Rican Prehistory: Excavations in the Interior, South and East; Chronological Implications, illustrated, by Irving Rouse (1952).

Please note that the language and terminology used in this collection reflects the context and culture of the time of its creation, and may include culturally sensitive information. As an historical document, its contents may be at odds with contemporary views and terminology. The information within this collection does not reflect the views of the Smithsonian Institution, but is available in its original form to facilitate research. For questions or comments regarding sensitive content, access, and use related to this collection, please contact