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27 318-354 On the Spodumene and its Alterations from the Granite-veins of Hampshire County, Mass. By Alexis A. Julien.
28 355-362 On certain North American Species of Zonites, etc. By W. G. Binney. 
29 363-392 Lines of Discovery in the History of Ozone, with an Index of its Literature, and an Appendix upon the Literature of Peroxide of Hydrogen. Albert R. Leeds. 
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1 1-18 Application of Organic Acids to the Examination of Minerals. By H. Carrington Bolton. (Second Paper.)
2 19-21 The Place of Sadi Carnot in the History of Thermotics. By Robert H. Thurston. 
3 22-26 Upon the Production of Peroxide of Hydrogen, as well as of Oxygen, by the Action of Moist Phosphorus upon Air. By Albert R. Leeds.
4 27-80 On the Geology of Hudson Country, New Jersey. By Israel C. Russell.
5 81-113 On Zinc Desilverization. By Thomas Egleston.
6 115-116 Description of a New Species of Tridopsis from New Mexico. By Thomas Bland.
7 117-126 On the Relation of the Flora and Fauna of Santa Cruz, West Indies. By Thomas Bland.
8 127-128 Notes on Macroceramus kieneri, Pfr. and M. pontificus Gould. By Thomas Bland.
9 129-139 On Helix aspersa in California, and the Geographical Distribution of Certain West American Land-snails, and Previous Errors Relating Thereto, etc. By Robert E. C. Stearns.
10 140-160 The Life-History of Spirifer laevis, Hall; a Palaeontological Study. By Henry S. Williams. 
11 161-182 On the Geology of Richmond County, N. Y. By N. L. Britton.
12 185-192 Outline of the Geology of the Northeastern West India Islands. By P. T. Cleve.
13 193-244 Descriptions of New Species of Fossils from Ohio, with Remarks on Some of the Geological Formations in Which They Occur. By R. P. Whitfield.
14 245-248 Description of a New Species of Swift of the Genus Chaetura, with Notes on Two Other Little-known Birds. By George N. Lawrence.
15 249-266 The Parallel Drift-hills of Western New York. By Laurence Johnson. 
16 267-286 The Origin and Relations of the Carbon Minerals. By John S. Newberry.
17 287-288 Descriptions of two New Species of Birds from Yucatan, of the Families Columbidae and Formicariidae. By George N. Lawrence.
18 289-312 Fusion-Structures in Meteorites. By F. G. Weichmann. 
19 313-352 Index to the Literature of Electrolysis and its Applications, 1784-1880. By W. Walter Webb.
20 353-355 Note Relating to a Newly-discovered Absolute Limit to Economical Expansion in Steam-engines. By Robert H. Thurston. 
21 355-356 Description of a New Species of Bird of the Family Cypselidae. By George N. Lawrence.
22 357-367 The Origin of the Carbonaceous Matter in Bituminous Shales. By John S. Newberry. 

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