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The New York Academy of Sciences
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23   368-369   Description of Two New Species of Zonites from Tennessee. By Thomas Bland.
24   370-371   Description of Two New Species of Land Shells from Porto Rico, W. I. By Edward V. Martens.
25   372-380   Apparatus for Rapid Gas-Analysis. By Arthur H. Elliott.
26   381-383   Descriptions of New Species of the Genera Chrysotis, Formicivora and Spermophila. By George N. Lawrence.
27   384-390   Observations of the Transit of Venus, December 6, 1882. By John K. Rees.
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Volume III
(This volume is out of print)
1    1-66   The Patio and Cazo Process of Amalgamating Silver Ores. By Thomas Egleston.
2   67-78   Upon a Fourth Monobromphenol. By F. Fittica.
3   79-136  Notes on the Jaw and Lingual Definition of Pulmonate Mollusks. By W. G. Binney.
4   137-155  The Literature of Ozone and Peroxide of Hydrogen. By Albert R. Leeds.
5   156-158  Descriptions of Supposed New Species of Birds of the Families Tyrannidae, Cypselidae and Columbidae. By George N. Lawrence.
6   159-216  A Catalogue of Chemical Periodicals. By H. Carrington Bolton.
7   217-220  Descriptions of Some Peculiar Screw-like Fossils from the Chemung Rocks. By J. S. Newberry.
8   221-227  Note on the Temperature of Incandescence, and its Bearing upon Solar Physics. By Wallace Goold Levison.
9   228-237  A Revision of the North American Species of the Genus Scleria. By N. L. Britton.
10  238-241  On Hanksite, a New Anhydrous Sulphato-Carbonate, from San Bernardino County, California. By Wm. Earl Hidden.
11  242-270  Notes on the Geology and Botany of the Country bordering the Northern Pacific Railroad. By J. S. Newberry.
12  270-272  Description of a New Species of Bird of the Genus Engyptila, with Notes on two Yucatan Birds. By George N. Lawrence.
13  273-274  Characters of Two Supposed New Species of Birds from Yucatan. By George N. Lawrence.
14  275-278  On Remarkable Copper Minerals from Arizona. By George F. Kunz.
15  279-296  A Review of the North American Species of Petromyzontidae. By David S. Jordan and Morton W. Fordice.
16  297-311  A Review of the Genera and Species of Didontidae Found in American Seas. By Carl H. Eigenmann.
17  312-328  Description of a New Species of Aplodontia, from California. By C. Hart Merriam.
18  329-334  The Meteorite from Glorieta Mountain, Santa Fe Co., New Mexico. By George F. Kunz.
19  335-340  Notes on a Collection of Fishes from the Monongahela River. By Barton W. Evermann and C. H. Bollman.
20  341-364  On the Geology of Long Island. By F. J. Merrill.
21  365-404  On the Variation of Decomposition in the Iron Pyrites; its Cause, and its Relation to Density. Pt. I. By Alexis A. Julien.
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