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The New York Academy of Sciences

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 6  301-306  The Crinoidea of the Lower Niagara
              Limestone at Lockport, N. Y., with
              New Species. By Eugene N. S.

 7  307-504  Coleopterological Notices. II. By
              Thomas L. Casey.

 8  505-622  Contributions to Invertebrate Palaeontology. By R.P. Whiteield.
Volume VI
( 1891-1892)
1-38 A Catalogue of Rutherfurd's Photographic Plates of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. By John K. Rees.
9-214 Coleopterological Notices III. By Thomas L. Casey.
              Palaeontology. By R. P. Whitfield.

                                 Per Volume $6.00

                      VOLUME VI

 1    1-38   A Catalogue of Rutherford's
             Photographic Plates of the Sun, the
            Moon, and the Stars. By John K. Rees.

 2    9-214  Coleopterological Notices. III. By
              Thomas L. Casey.

 3  215-218  The American Species of the Genus
           Anemone and the Genera which Have Been
              Referred to It. By N. L. Britton.

 4  239-330 The Rutherford Photographic Measures of the Group of the Pleiades. By Harold Jacoby.

 5  331-348  The Rutherford Photographic Measures of  the Stars about Cygni. By Harold Jacoby.

 6  349-358  A Catalogue of the Fishes of the Pacific Coast of America, North of Cerros Island.
By Carl H. Eigenmann, and Rosa S.Eigenmann.

 7  359-712  Coleopterological Notices. IV. By Thomas L. Casey.

                               Per Volume  $6.00

                      VOLUME VII

 1    1-44   Catalogue of the Described South American Species of Calyptrate Muscidae. By C. H.
Tyler Townsend.

 2   45-280  An Enumeration of the Plants Collected by Dr. Thomas Morong in Paraguay, 1888-1890.By Thomas Morong and N. L. Britton.

 3  281-606  Coleopterological Notices. V. By Thomas L.Casey.

 4  607-624  A Revision of the American Cichlidae. By Carl H. Eigenmann, and William L. Bray.

 5  625-637  Notes on some South American Fishes. By Carl H. Eigenmann.

 6  638-654  The Granite at Mounts Adam and Eve,
              Warwick, Orange Co., N. Y., and its
              Contact Phenomena. By J. F. Kemp and Arthur Hollick.

                                Per Volume  $6.00

                      VOLUME VIII
 1    1-23   The Parallaxes of [?] and [?]
            Cassiopeiae, deduced from Rutherfurd
         Photographic Measures. By Harold Jacoby.

 2   24-40 The Myriapoda Collected by the United
        States Eclipse Expedition to West Africa,
              1889 and 1890. By O. F. Cook and G. N. Collins.

 3   41-92   Studies on the Life-history of some
              Bombycine Moths, with Notes on the
              Setae and Spines of Certain Species. By Alpheus S. Packard.

 4   93-166  A Study of the New York Obelisk as a
            Decayed Boulder. By Alexis A Julien.

 5  167-170  Reversal of Cleavage in a Sinistral
            Gasteropod. By Henry E. Crampton, Jr.

 6  171-193  Certain New Derivatives in the Aromatic
              Series. By Harwood Huntington.

 7  194-232 A Classification of Lepidopterous Larvae. By Harrison G. Dyar.13 
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