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The New York Academy of Sciences
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1 1-16 Darwin Memorial Celebration. By Edmund Otis Hovey.

16-21 The Individuality of Charles Darwin. By Charles F. Cox.

21-22 Acceptance of the Portrait of Darwin. By Henry Fairfield Osborn.

22-28 Darwin and Geology. By John James Stevenson.

28-33  Darwin and Botany. By Nathaniel Lord Britton.

34-40 Darwin and Zo├Âlogy. By Hermon C. Bumpus.

2 41-44 Geological Correlation through Vertebrate Paleontology by International Cooperation. Correlation Bulletin, No. 1. Plan and Scope. By Henry Fairfield Osborn and W. D. Matthew.

3 45-98 Studies on the Morphology and Development of Certain Rugose Corals. By Thomas Clachar Brown.

4 99-120 The Fossil Vertebrates of Belgium. By Louis Dollo.

5 121-134 On the Origin and Sequences of the Minerals of the Newark(Triassic) Igneous Rocks of New Jersey. By Wallace Goold Levinson.

6 135-147 The Guadalupian Fauna and New Stratigraphic Evidence. By George H. Girty. (Out of print)

Part I $1.50

7 149-169 Patagonia and the Pampas Cenozoic of South America. A Critical Review of the Correlations of Santiago Roth, 1908. By W. D. Matthew.

8 161 203 The Coal Basin of Commentry in Central France. By John J. Stevenson.

9 205-224 Some New or Little Known American Spiders. By Alexander Petrunkevitch. 

10 225-245 The Founder of the Evolution Theory. By Charles F. Cox.

11 247-282 Areal and Structural Geology of Southern Manhattan Island. By Charles P. Berkey.

Part II $1.00

12 283-334 Records of Meetings, 1909. By Edmund Otis Hovey.

335-344 List of Societies and other Organizations with which the Academy Exchanges Publications. By Edmund Otis Hovey.

345-347 Memoir of Wolcott Gibbs. By Theodore William Richards.

347-352 Memoir of Simon Newcomb. By G. W. Hill.

352-353 Memoir of Kakichi Mitsukuri. By Bashford Dean.

353-356 Memoir of John Henry Caswell. By James F. Kemp.

357-402 The Organization of The New York Academy of Sciences, Charter, Court Order, Constitution, and By-Laws.
(Article 12 out of print) Part III $ .50

Per Volume $3.00



(This volume is out of print)

1 1-92 The Phylogeny of Certain Cerithiidae. By Elvira Wood.

Part I $ .50

2 93-187 The Watchung Basalt and the Paragenesis of its Zeolites and Other Secondary Minerals. By Clarence N. Fenner.

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