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The New York Academy of Sciences
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1 | 1-246 | Molluscan Faunas of the Domengine and Arroyo Hondo Formations of the California Eocene. By Harold Ernest Vokes | $2.00


1 | 1-28| Constitution and By-Laws, including a full membership list (Out of print) | 

2 | 29-104| The Morphology and Functional Evolution of the Atlas-Axis Complex from Fish to Mammals. By Francis Gaynor Evans | $ .75

3 | 105-212| Electrophoresis. By Harold A. Abramson, Edwin J. Cohn, Bernard D. Davis, Frank L. Horsfall, Lewis G. Longsworth, D. A. MacInnes, Mueller, and Kurt G. Stern (Out of print) | $1.25

4 | 213-298 | American Cities and States: Variation and Correlation in Institutions, Activities, and the Personal Qualities of the Residents. By Edward L. Thorndike (Out of print) | $1.00


5 | 299-408| Kinetics in Solution. By Frank Brescia, Henry Eyring, Keith J. Laider, Victor K. LaMer, Samuel H. Marion, Irving Roberts, George Scatchard, J. C. Warner, and F. H. Westheimer (Out of print) | $1.25
 | | Per Volume | $4.25


1 | 1-36| Studies on the Nutrition of Colorless Euglenoid Flagellates. 1. Utilization of Inorganic Nitrogen by Astasia in Pure Cultures. By Henry W. Schoenborn | $ .40 

2 | 37-132| Free Radicals as Intermediate Steps in the Oxidation of Organic Compounds. By L. Farkas, Manuel H. Gorin, L. Michaelis, Otto H. Muller, Maxwell Schubert, and G. W. Wheland | $1.25

3 | 133-266| The Structure and Relationships of Protoceratops. By Barnum Brown and Erich Maren Schlaikjer | $1.50

4 | 267-288| Recurrent Paleozoic Continental Facies in Pennsylvania. By Bradford Willard | $ .25

5 | 289-482| Dialectrics. By William O. Baker, J. D. Ferry, Raymond M. Fuoss, Paul M. Gross, Marcus E. Hobbs, John G. Kirkwood, S. O. Morgan, Hans Mueller, J. L. Oncley, Herbert A. Pohl, J. Shack, Charles P. Smyth, J. H. Van Vleck (Out of print) | $2.25
 | | Per Volume | $5.65


1 | 1-76| The Internal Constitution of the Stars. By Zdenek Kopal, Robert E. Marshak, Henry Norris Russell, Harlow Shapely and Jaakko Tuominen | $1.00 

2 | 77-168| Crystalline Protein Molecules. By Edwin J. Cohn, I. Fankuchen, J. L. Oncley, H. B. Vickery and B. E. Warren | $1.25

3 | 169-240| The Primary Process in Photochemistry. By W. Albery Noyes, Jr., E. W. R. Steacie, High S. Taylor, Edward Teller and W. West | $1.25

4 | 241-328| The Amphoteric Properties of Proteins. By R. Keith Cannan, A. Kibrick, John G. Kirkwood, L. G. Longsworth, A. H. Palmer and Jacinto Steinhardt | $1.25

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Please note that the language and terminology used in this collection reflects the context and culture of the time of its creation, and may include culturally sensitive information. As an historical document, its contents may be at odds with contemporary views and terminology. The information within this collection does not reflect the views of the Smithsonian Institution, but is available in its original form to facilitate research. For questions or comments regarding sensitive content, access, and use related to this collection, please contact