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8 679-882 Lymph. By Philip D. McMaster, Robert Chambers, Eliot R. Clark, Thomas F. Dougherty, Cecil K. Drinker, William E. Ehrich, Eugene M. Landis, Valy Menkin, Paul A. Nicoll, Richard L. Webb, Abraham White, and B. W. Zweifach ........ $2.75

9 883-992 Blood Grouping. By William C. Boyd, J. W. Cameron, L. K. Diamond, Philip Levine, M. Melin, J. L. Oncley, Louis Pillemer, D. A. Richert, Eve B. Sonn, A. S. Wiener, and Ernest Witebsky .............. $1.75

10 993-1122 Brain and Body Weight in Men: Their Antecedents in Growth and Evolution. By Earl W. Count ............... $2.00 

Per Volume $15.50 

Volume XLVII 

1 1-56 The Golgi Apparatus— An Interpretation of Its Structure and Significance. By Leonard G. Worley ............ $ .75

2 57-240 Amino Acid Analysis of Proteins. By William H. Stein, Reginald M. Archibald, Erwin Brand, R. Keith Cannan, Hans T. Clarke, John T. Edsall, G. L. Foster, Stanford Moore, David Shemin, Esmond E. Snell, and Hubert B. Vickery (Out of print) ............ $2.25

3 241-374 Proteins and Protein Hydrolysates in Nutrition. By James B. Allison, John A. Anderson, Richard H. Barnes, David K. Bosshardt, Bacon F. Chow, Co Tui, Robert Elman, L. L. Miller, John P. Peters, F. S. Robscheit-Robbins, Robert D. Seeley, and G. H. Whipple .......... $2.00 

4 375-602 The Physico-Chemical Mechanism of Nerve Activity. By David Nachmansohn, Charles M. Berry, Oscar Bodansky, Frank Brink Jr., Detley W. Bronk, M. Vertner Brown, C. W. Coates, R. T. Cox, J. C. Eccles, Alfred Fessard, J. F. Fulton, R. W. Gerard, Alfred Gilman, D. E. Green, Joseph C. Hinsey, Rudolf Höber, Martin G. Larrabee, and Tracy J. Putnam (Out of print) ............. $3.00

5 603-664 Physiological and Psychological factors in Sex Behavior. By S. Bernard Wortis, Gergory Bateson, William E. Galt, Morris Herman, Alfred C. Kinsey, and William C. Young .............. $1.25 

6 665-930 Muscular Contraction. By Alexander Sandow, R. S. Bear, Ernest Fischer, A. S. Gilson, Jr., Eugene Guth, C. E. Hall, M. A. Jakus, S. W. Kuffler, Otto Meyerhof, Severo Ochoa, Robert W. Ramsey, F. O. Schmitt, G. M. Schoepfle, Shin-Chang Shen, H. Burr Steinbach, and S. M. Walker ................ $3.00 

Per Volume $12.25


1 1-30 The Limitations of Optical Image Formation. By Max Herzberger ..... $ .75

2 31-218 Antibiotics.* Part I: Microbiological; Part II: Pharmacological. By Werner W. Duemling, Garfield G. Duncan, William H. Feldman, J. W. Foster, A. Hervey, H. C. Hinshaw, M. J. Johnson, F. Kavanagh, A. Kleinman, Hans Molitor, Edwin Pulaski, Geoffrey Rake, Kenneth B. Raper, D. M. Renyolds, Arthur P. Richardson, W. J. Robbins, H. Robinson, A. Schatz, Selman A. Waksman, and H. B. Woodruff. 
*Parts I and II are bound under one cover (Out of print) ......... $2.50

3 219-239 Polyelectrons. By John Archibald Wheeler .......... $ .75

4 239-254 The Effect of Artificially Altered Length of Day on Molt in the Silver Fox. By Charles F. Bassett ............... $ .50

5 255-350 Folic Acid. By Y. SubbaRow, Robert B. Angier, Nestor Bohonos, James H. Boothe, Mary C. Clark, Donna B. Cosulich, Raymond W. Cunningham, Floyd S. Daft, M. J. Fahrenbach, Ben King Harned, Robwer W. Heinle, M. E. Hultquist, Brian L. Hutchings, Erwin Kuh, 

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