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told that parties have been there with a horse and mule both of which (men and animals) answered the description.  They also said that one of the parties they had known during the war as a confederate scout who went at that time by the name of Chuck but who at this time gave his name as Bill Griffith.  He described him a small spare built.  He described the other (Gaylor) as a large big necked man with a frizzly beard. Griffith enquired for a horse that he had left there when he was a scout.  We heard from them at nearly every house after they left McLambs at one of which they enquired the way to Averysborough.  The took a circuitous route rather avoiding the main road but the general direction seemed to be towards Raleigh in Smithfield.  We followed them about 15 miles after they left McLambs.  We have heard that Griffith was gone at the time we were in pursuit of the animals and he was gone when we came back.  At McLambs they trimmed the feet of both animals and stated that they were going to take the mule down to the [[Aulde Lawn?]] into their farms but tried at McLambs to trade the horse.  They stated at McLambs that they had bought the animals on Saturday and came to Clinton where they set up with some girls Saturday night which made them very sleepy Sunday morning when they arrived here.

Jas Frederick 
Moses Frederick
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