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Head Qrs Asst Commissrs
Bureau R F & A. L.
Charleston S.C. Jany 20th. 1866

No 1}

[[left margin]] Scott [[/left margin]]

In obedience to instructions from the Commissioner I hereby transfer the control of the affairs of the Bureau of Refugees Freedman and Abandoned Lands to Brig Gen. R. K. Scott U.S. Vols, who is appointed Assistant Commissioner for South Carolina.

In relinquishing the control of Freedmens Affairs, I deem it my duty to express my sincere thanks to my personal Staff Officers.  I can assure them all that the same ability and faithful industry they have shown here would secure them success in any field of labor.

[[left margin]]Howard [[/left margin]]

To Bvt Brig Genl C. H. Howard U.S.V. Inspector General and Chief of my Staff, for his earnest and efficient aid and support in making the operations of this Bureau effective;

[[left margin]] Saxton [[left margin]]
To Bvt Maj S. Willard Saxton, my Aid-de-Camp, I am greatly indebted for his prompt attending to duty;
[[left margin]]Smith [[/left margin]]

To Bvt Maj H.W. Smith and Bvt Maj O.D. Kinsman Assistant Adjutant General who have always been prompt, faithful and discreet in the discharge of their delicate and important duties;

[[left margin]]DeWitt[[/left margin]]

To Surgeon W.R DeWitt U.S. Vols Chief Medical Officer who, to eminent skill in his profession, has added raw administrative capacity, and has succeeded in effecting so thorough an organization in his department that prompt relief has been afforded to the sick and suffering for whom he has been called upon to provide;

[[left margin]]Low [[/left margin]]

To Capt James P Low Assist Qr-master and Financial Agent in charge of Abandoned property, whose business capacity, thorough integrity and prompt and faithful attenting to duty have made his department so entirely successful;

[left margin]]Rutherford [[/left margin]]

To Cpt J. P. Rutherford Assist Quartermaster in charge of the issues to the destitute through whose humanity and kindness of heart so many of the suffering and destitute, through whose humanity and kindness of

[[left margin]]
[[/left margin]]

[[left margin]]
[[/left margin]]

[[left margin]]
[[/left margin]]

[[left margin]]
[[/left margin]]

[[left margin]]
[[/left margin]]

[left margin]]
[[/left margin]]


of heart so many of suffering and destitute are indebted for relief;

Capt Geo T Bassett, Chief Commissary, has but recently joined the Staff, but so far has fulfilled his duties to my entire satisfaction and promises to make his department thoroughly efficient;

Lieut E. M. Stoeber my Aid-de-Camp in charge of the restoration of abandoned lands, has also united my unqualified approbation.

I confidently commend all these officers to the favorable consideration of my successor.

(sd) R. Saxton
Capt H.Q. Mj. Bvt Col U.S.D.
Assistant Commissioner

J W Smith

Head Qrs Assist Commissr
Bureau R F and A L
Charleston S.C. Jan 24th 1866.


No 2
It having been reportedly to the Assistant 

Commissr that many freed people are moving from the interior of the State to the sea coast, with no definite object in view, thereby [[affording [?]] the government to great expense for transportation without relieving of the responsibility of their support, the following instructions are given for the guidance of all concerned:

The Officers and Agents of this Bureau are hereby directed to [[disclose[?}/discontinue[?]] this propensity of the freedpeople for changing their residence and will furnish transportation to such only as land [[missing word]] into contracts and are going to plantations or localities where they have contracts to labor.  No rations will be [[paid?]] to [[missing word]] [[missing word]] freedpeople who are able to work, unless it shall appear that they have made diligent [[missing word]] to obtain employment or make contract upon terms [[offered?]] by the Officers or Agents of this Bureau.   Officers of the Bureau will give this matter special attention and examine into each case where rations are [requested?]

Planters will not be allowed to be removed from their plantations  freedpeople who are willing to make contracts on such equitable terms as are approved by this Bureau

Transcription Notes:
Circular No 2 is very faded and challenging to read; thus several words are extremely challenging to make out

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