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United States
Department of the Interior
Office of Indian Affairs
Chicago (54) Illinois
September 21,1944

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MEMORANDUM to Area Leaders:

In connection with letter of August 18, copies sent to all Area Leaders, the time is rapidly approaching when the period, within which we must decide on carrying forward plans up to and through the National Convention proposed to be held at Denver in October will have ended. In the meantime certain decisions must be made on these meetings and since the reaction of Area Leaders would be most important to any decision, this memoranda earnestly solicits your view in the matter. Since our plans for holding a national convention, of course, remains unaltered the question now is, should plans be made to hold a convention in October even though our prospects for securing money may not materialize until later or should the convention be postponed until sufficient finances can be assured to guarantee the regional and/or national convention in accordance with the budget heretofore sent to you. 

There have been some who believe that our plans for the various meetings including the national meeting should proceed independently of securing any funds (funds to be raised locally) or at least of securing funds from the outside. Several from this group are thus in favor of proceeding with plans for the meeting in Denver this October even though a mere handful of Indians may be present. We believe that on these questions the Area Leaders are in a far better position from their vantage points than anyone else to consider these questions. 

From reports coming in from various sources a real job is being done by most Area Leaders and key people in acquainting the field on possibilities of a notional Indian organization. There is every indication that a movement for national Indian unity has been awakened and will possibly continue by its own momentum despite the withdrawal of any of us from the ranks. For this reason if it should develop that a national meeting cannot be held in October, certainly no let up in the efforts on any front should be allowed if possible. Area Leaders who have developed lines of communication with various key people should continue as far as possible to maintain these connections. 

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In fact some discussion has already developed on distributing, for the time being at least, a mimeographed periodic news letter through the existing field organization of area leaders and key people. Such an organ would tend to hold various groups or sections together, and serve as a mouth piece of the National Council of American Indians besides keeping the field not only stimulated but advised of organizational activities in other sections, as well as serving other useful functions as might be determined by policy. 

Your views are also desired on the mechanics of distributing such a news letter. Several possibilities occur (1) pring or mimeograph in
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