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1 That a referendum vote upon the place at which the
2 Convention shall be held must be instituted not less than
3 six months prior to the Convention.
4 SEC. 2. Representation shall be based upon [[strikethrough]] the aver- [[/strikethrough]] 
5 [[strikethrough]] age per capita tax paid to the National for the two fiscal [[/strikethrough]]
6 year preceding the Convention, [[strikethrough]] plus those in the military [[/strikethrough]]
7 [[strikethrough]] and naval service [[/strikethrough]]: Provided That no [[strikethrough]] local [[/strikethrough]] shall be en-
8 titled to representation in the biennial convention unless 
9 [[strikethrough]] all per [[strikethrough]] capita tax, bills for excess [[strikethrough]] magazines, and [[/strikethrough]] official
10 supplies due the National from said [[strikethrough]] locals [[/strikethrough]] as of date
11 June 30, prior to the Convention be paid in full, and
12 Provided further, That each delegate shall be required to
13 pay a registration fee of [[strikethrough]] Three Dollars ($3.00)[[/strikethrough]], which
14 fee shall accrue to the host organization. The fiscal year
15 shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30.
16 SEC. 3. Local [[strikethrough]] unions [[/strikethrough]] with [[strikethrough]] 100 [[/strikethrough]] members or less shall be
17 entitled to one delegate; [[strikethrough]] 101 [[/strikethrough]] to [[strikethrough]] 250 [[/strikethrough]] members, two dele-
18 gates; [[strikethrough]] 251 [[/strikethrough]] to [[strikethrough]] 500 [[/strikethrough]] members, three delegates; 501 to 1000 
19 members, four delegates; [[strikethrough]] 1,001 [[/strikethrough]] to 1,500 members, five
20 delegates; [[strikethrough]] 1,501 [[/strikethrough]] to [[strikethrough]] 2,000 [[/strikethrough]] members, six delegates; [[strikethrough]] 2,001 [[/strikethrough]]
21 to [[strikethrough]] 2,500 [[/strikethrough]] members, seven delegates; [[strikethrough]] 2,501 [[/strikethrough]] to [[strikethrough]] 3,000 [[/strikethrough]] mem-
22 bers, eight delegates; 3,001 to [[strikethrough]] 4,000 [[/strikethrough]] members, nine dele-
23 gates; and over 4,000 members, ten delegates; [[strikethrough]] and the [[/strikethrough]]
24 [[strikethrough]] District of Columbia Federation [[/strikethrough]] and each State or Re-
25 gional Federation shall be entitled to one delegate having
26 one vote: Provided, That [[strikethrough]] unions [[/strikethrough]] affiliated after the close
27 of the fiscal year prior to the Convention shall be entitled
28 to one delegate each, and [[strikethrough]] unions [[/strikethrough]] affiliating during the fis-
29 cal year preceding the convention shall have representation
30 computed on the average of that fiscal year.
31 SEC. 4. No [[strikethrough]] union [[/strikethrough]] shall be represented by proxy. A
32 delegate must be a resident member of the [[strikethrough]] union [[/strikethrough]] he rep-
33 resents: Provided, That two or more [[strikethrough]] unions [[strikethrough]] within the
34 same State, or within the States embraced in a Regional
35 Federation, [[strikethrough]] or an insular local and one [[/strikethrough]] or more [[strikethrough]] locals [[/strikethrough]] in
36 the State nearest thereto, [[strikethrough]] or one or more locals outside of [[/strikethrough]]
37 [[strikethrough]] the United States [[/strikethrough]] may unite in sending a delegate to the
38 Convention, such delegate to be a member of one of the


1 [[strikethrough]] unions [[/strikethrough]] represented. He shall be entitled to votes on basis
2 of votes to which [[strikethrough]] unions [[/strikethrough]] represented are entitled in accord
3 with Section 3: Provided, That delegate or delegates from
4 any local shall not cast more than ten votes.
5 SEC. 5. A [[strikethrough]] union [[/strikethrough]] entitled to more than one delegate 
6 may send less than its allotted quota of delegates to a 
7 Convention, but the one or more delegates present may
8 cast the same number of votes on all matters, including
9 the election of officers, as if the full number of delegates
10 were present in person: Provided, That no delegate nor 
11 delegates shall be permitted to cast a fractional part of a 
12 vote.
13 SEC. 6. Alternate delegates may be seated in the absence
14 of the delegates elected, upon presentation of their creden-
15 tials.
16 SEC. 7. No criticism, reflection, argument, or debate,
17 concerning the creed, color, or nationality of any mem-
18 ber, nor discussion of any matter concerning partisan poli-
19 tics, shall be permitted at any Convention of this organiza-
20 tion or at any meeting of any [[strikethrough]] union [[/strikethrough]] of the National Fed-
21 eration.

Officers and Committees

22 SECTION 1. Officers.—The officers of this Federation
23 shall be a President, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth,
24 Sixth, [[strikethrough]] Seventh, Eighth and Ninth [[strikethrough]] Vice-Presidents, and a 
25 Secretary-Treasurer. They shall be elected by written bal-
26 lot on a majority vote of the delegates present at a Con-
27 vention. When more than two candidates are nominated
28 for one office and a majority vote is not obtained, the
29 candidate receiving the lowest number of votes shall be
30 dropped until a majority vote is obtained. The terms of
31 all officers shall be two years or until their successors are
32 elected and duly qualified, which terms shall begin on the
33 first day of October following Convention, unless any
34 officer is sooner recalled.
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