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MR. ARVID MILLER: I am a member of the Stockbridge Munsee tribe.

STEPHEN C. DE MERS, representative from the Flathead Reservation in Montana.

MR. DAN MADRANO FROM OKLAHOMA, I am here as a representative of the Caddo tribe and I am vitally interested in the success of this organization. At the present time I am a member of the Oklahoma State Legislature of which I am quite proud. My good friends, Mr. Ben Dwight, Albert Exendine, Don Whistler, and all of these fellows from Oklahoma are very warm friends of mine and they know that during all these years we have been associated together because of our Idianism. We have organized a number of organizations in Oklahoma, and the fundamentals of those organizations have very fine. Among the 34 tribes we have there, I think we have the finest cooperative spirit of any group of Indians throughout the United States. I hope to push the organization and that it will be a success. It is now more important than any other time. I heard someone say awhile ago that we must leave out politics. I tell you, if we get any place, we have to get into politics. Not partisan politics. Through this organization I am of the opinion that we can do most anything than any group can accomplish in this Nation.

ALBERT ATTOCKNIE: I am ignorant, but I have the interest of the young and educated Indians at heart. I came here following the young men from my jurisdiction. I came here especially to see the young and educated Indians organize to help the Indian people. I hope that when you young educated Indians take up this question of organizing for the benefit of the Indians, you will remember that the Indians are from different classes. There are Indians like myself who are not educated, who are restricted, and who cannot exist under conditions that will work well with the young and educated Indians. 

FRED MAHONE: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not well educated to speak like some of the boys that have already spoken. My name is Fred Mahone, a Hualapai Indian, student of Chilocco School, also I belong to the American Legion post in my county, and a member of the Hualapai Tribal Council, also a spokesman of my tribe. That writing that has been made by Mr. Mark L. Burns, my Superintendent John Crow told me that he knew MR. Burns very well and also he knew Mr. Heacock here, and he asked that I say hello to the boys that he knew from the Office in Chicago and he is very enthusiastic about seeing this new organization build up and go ahead as a national organization. When I first got here I thought I was going to meet educated American Indians. Now I feel that they are just like the people down where I come from and I am glad to meet you all anyway. I thank you gentlemen.

MR. EDWARD DAVENPORT (Sac and Fox from Iowa) I bring the greetings from the Sac and Fox tribe which I am representing. I didn't know I was going to be here until yesterday morning. Our tribal councilman woke me up and said he had a ticket for me to come to Denver. I am glad to be here to see one of my old friends from Oklahoma, Mr. Dan Madrano. Let us not forget to place our creator, God, first of all. I hope to make a good report when I get back to my home.

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