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OBJECT.—The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is an organization composed of men and women of all races and classes who believe that the present widespread increase of prejudice against colored races and particularly the denial of rights and opportunities to ten million Americans of Negro descent is not only unjust and a menace to our free institutions, but also is an indirect hindrance to World Peace and the realization of Human Brotherhood.

METHODS.—The encouragement of education and efforts for social uplift; the dissemination of literature; the holding of mass meetings; the maintenance of a lecture bureau; the encouragement of vigilance committees; the investigation of complaints; the maintenance of a Bureau of Information; the publication of THE CRISIS; the collection of facts and publication of the truth.

ORGANIZATION.—All interested persons are urged to join our organization—associate membership costs $1, and contributing and sustaining members pay from $2 to $25 a year.

FUNDS.—We need $10,000 a year for running expenses of this work and particularly urge the necessity of gifts to help on our objects.

OFFICERS.—The officers of the organization are:

National President — Mr. Moorfield Storey, Boston, Mass.
Chairman of the Executive Committee — Mr. Oswald Garrison Villard, New York. 
Treasurer — Mr. Walter E. Sachs, New York.
Director of Publicity and Research — Dr. W. E. B. DuBois, New York.
Secretary — Miss Mary W. Ovington, New York,

COMMITTEE.—Our work is carried on under the auspices of the following General Committee, in addition to the officers named:

Miss Gertrude Barnum, New York.
Miss Frances Blascoer, New York. 
*Rev. W. H. Brooks, New York. 
Prof. John Dewey, New York. 
*Dr. John Lovejoy Elliott, New York. 
*Mr. Thos. Ewing, Jr., New York. 
*Rev. John Hayes Holmes, New York. 
Mr. Hamilton Holt, New York. 
Miss Maud R. Ingersoll, New York. 
*Mrs. Florence Kelly, New York. 
*Mr. Paul Kennaday, New York. 
*Mrs. F. R. Keyser, New York. 
Dr. Chas. Lenz, New York. 
Mr. Jacob W. Mack, New York. 
*Mrs. M. D. Maclean, New York. 
*Mr. John E. Milholland, New York. 
Rev. Horace G. Miller, New York. 
Mrs. Max Morgenthau, Jr., New York.
Mr. James F. Morton. Jr., New York. 
Mr. Henry Moskowitz, New York. 
Miss Leonora O'Reilly, New York. 
*Rev. A. Clayton Powell, New York. 
*Mr. Charles Edward Russell, New York. 
Mr. Jacob H. Schiff, New York. 
Prof. E. R. A. Seligman, New York. 
*Dr. Joseph Silverman, New York. 
Mrs. Anna Garlin Spencer, New York. 
*Prof. J. E. Spingarn, New York. 
Mrs. Henry Villard, New York. 
*Miss Lillian D. Wald, New York. 
*Mr. Wm. English Walling, New York. 
*Bishop Alexander Walters, New York. 
Dr. Stephen S. Wise, New York. 
Miss M. R. Lyons, Brooklyn, N. Y.
*Dr. O. M. Waller, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mr. D. Macon Webster, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mr. Geo. E. Wibecan, Jr., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mrs. W. H. Talbert, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Hon. Thos. M. Osborne, Auburn, N. Y. 
*Mr. W. L. Bulkley, Ridgefield Park, N. J. 
Mr. George W. Crawford, New Haven, Conn.
Miss Maria Baldwin, Boston, Mass.
Mr. Francis J. Garrison, Boston, Mass. 
Mr. Archibald H. Grimke, Boston, Mass.
Miss Adelene Moffat, Boston, Mass.
*Mr. Albert E. Pillsbury, Boston, Mass. 
Mr. Wm. Munroe Trotter, Boston, Mass.
Dr. Horace Bumstead, Brookline, Mass. 
Miss Elizabeth C. Carter, New Bedford, Mass. 
Rev. Harvey Johnston, Baltimore, Md.
Rev. Garnett R. Walter, Baltimore, Md.
Prest. Chas. T. Thwing, Cleveland, O.
Mr. Chas. W. Chesnutt, Cleveland, O.
Hon. Harry C. Smith, Cleveland, O. 
Prest. H. C. King, Oberlin. O.
Prest. W. S. Scarborough, Wilberforce, O. 
*Miss Jane Addams, Chicago, Ill.
*Mrs. Ida B. Wells Barnett, Chicago, Ill.
*Dr. C. E. Bentley, Chicago, Ill.
Miss Sophronisba Breckenridge, Chicago, Ill.
Mr. Clarence Darrow, Chicago, Ill.
Mr. Julius Rosenwald, Chicago, Ill. 
Mrs. Celia Parker Woolley, Chicago, Ill. 
Mr. F. L. McGhee, St. Paul, Minn.
Miss Frances Bartholomew, Philadelphia, Pa. 
*Dr. N. F. Mossell, Philadelphia, Pa. 
*Dr. Wm. A. Sinclair, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Miss Susan Wharton, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mr. R. R. Wright, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mr. W. Justin Carter, Harrisburg, Pa. 
Rev. Harvey Johnson, D.D., Baltimore, Md.
Hon. Wm. S. Bennet, Washington, D. C.
Mrs. Carrie W. Clifford, Washington, D. C.
Mr. L. M. Hershaw, Washington, D. C.
Prof. Kelly Miller, Washington, D. C. 
Prof. L. B. Moore, Washington, D. C. 
Justice W. P. Stafford, Washington, D. C. 
*Mrs. Mary Church Terrell, Washington, D. C.
*Rev. J. Milton Waldron, Washington, D. C. 
Prest. John Hope, Atlanta, Ga. 
Mr. Leslie P. Hill, Manassas, Va. 
Mr. William Pickens, Talladega, Ala. 
*Executive Committee. 

Suite 311, 20 Vesey Street, New York.


Published by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, at 20 Vesey Street, New York City. 

W.E. Burghardt Du Bois, Editor
M.D. Maclean, Managing Editor 
Frank M. Turner, Circulation Manager
Albon L. Holsey, Advertising Manager

Contributing Editors
Oswald Garrison Villard
J. Max Barber
Charles Edward Russell
W. S. Braithwaite
Kelly Miller


ALONG THE COLOR LINE -------------- 139

Mr. J. E. Spingarn ---------------- 146
Mr. Gilchrist Stewart ------------- 147
Mr. Robert N. Wood ---------------- 147

The Bristow Amendment ------------- 148
A Brave Young Man ----------------- 148
A Southerner Speaks --------------- 150
The Open Door --------------------- 150
Music ----------------------------- 151

The New York Branch................ 152
The Oklahoma Lynching.............. 153
Dr. DuBois in Europe............... 154
Incorporation...................... 155

THE WORLD IN COUNCIL: Picture by John Henry Adams --- 156
EDITORIAL ------------------------------------------- 157
A SOUTHERN WOMAN'S VIEWS ---------------------------- 160
THE HEART'S DESIRE: Poem by R. W. Justice ----------- 162
THE CONGO EXPRESS. By Virginia Wright --------------- 163
SOME LETTERS ---------------------------------------- 166
WHAT TO READ ---------------------------------------- 168
EXCAVATIONS IN ETHIOPIA ----------------------------- 169

Agents wanted who can furnish references. 
Entered as second-class matter in the post office at New York City. 

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