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Transcription: [00:13:27]
{SPEAKER name="Eugene B. Redmond"}
Is to be made breathless by outside strictures and mod in known sun, like a drunken lizard
A sliverless drip on the echo of love

On the back of some nomadic breeze
On the coattail of sanity

And that is why I can never unlove you
why I can never unnotice the flames you forged
Why I can never unloose my eyes from their aim

I can never unlove you
Though I can relove you before another moment
I can never unneed you
Though I can regrieve the night stained carresses

I can never not want you
Though I can recry the oldest ocean
I can never unlove you

Unlove you, never
Unlove you, never
Unlove you, never

{SPEAKER name="Brooks B. Robinson"}
I Can Never Unlove You by Black American Poet Eugene Redmond.
You heard the second of a two part introduction to Afro-American poetry on the Literary Corner of Black Writers of the World.
Technical assistance provided by Bob Chan, Brooks Robinson.

The Literary Corner was made possible by funds from WHA radio, Madison, Wisconsin. A service of the University of Wisconsin Extension.

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