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{SPEAKER name="Dennis Brutus"}
to have no longer any creative impulse and they usually I discover that I was wrong, that subsequently I wrote again.
What I think becomes clearer to me all the time is that if I am going to write poetry at all it will be a functional poetry,
it will be a poetry which responds to particular stimulus, is an attempt to communicate a particular idea or perception.
I don't see myself becoming a professional poet who spends his time working on the craft and turning inward.
I think my poetries is part of my general existence the attempt to communicate with others and poetry is just one way of doing it.
[[music continues]]ƒ
Bright water glistening over smooth, hard pebbles.
Sparkles coruscating in the festive [[presidio?]]. Such bright grace, such luminous charm and the clear, brave eyes shining with tight curved sorrow.
Now they say the brightness is quenched and the elegance crumpled. Strange and stranger yet they say the bright courage failed
Biko you know resisted the terrors. Confronted by them he braced hims--

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