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{SPEAKER name="Brooks B. Robinson"}
The literary corner: Black writers of the world. A series of analyses and interpretations of Black world literature.

I'm Brooks Robinson, and today you'll hear Eldred D. Jones discuss the works of one of Africa's most prominent contemporary African-English fiction or prose writers.

He is Chinua Achebe. Eldred Jones is professor and principal at Fourah College in Sierra Leone, West Africa. As a critic, he's written analyses on Elizabethan images of Africa and on the writings of Chinua Achebe.


Jones is also the editor of Africa Literature Today. In the interview, you'll hear Jones discuss the lives and works of Chinua Achebe.

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{SPEAKER name="Eldred Jones"} Chinua Achebe first hit the literary world with his novel "Things Fall Apart",


which was an examination of the breakup of an African traditional society, an Igbo traditional society, uh after the first impact of European missionary civilization.


It's really focused on one of the traditional heroes of the village, one of the people who upheld the values of village life.


But who did not have the weapons to fight against the new uh missionary impact, backed by the forces of imperialism.


{SPEAKER name="Brooks B. Robinson"} mm-hmm. [[affirmative]]


{SPEAKER name="Eldred Jones"} So he declared war on the new regime, total war, without any--

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