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{SPEAKER name="Brooks B. Robinson"}
The Literary Corner: Black Writers of the World


{Second speaker??}
The world was choked in wet embrace of serpent spawn awaiting Ayentallas(?) rebel birth monster child.

Wrestling pachyderms of myth - [[Orunsila?]], Orumila, Esu, [[Efa?]], were all assembled.

Defeated in the quest to fraternize man. Wordlessly, he rose. Sought knowledge in the hills.

Ogun, the lone one, saw it all. The sacred veins of matter and the second laws.

Sagun's spent thunderbolt save him a hammerhead.

His fingers taught Efco, and it yielded. To think, a mere plague of finite kills stood between the gods and man.

He made a mesh of elements: from stone of fire, and air fruit.

The worlds of energies.

He made an anvil of peace. And kneaded red clay for his mold.

In his hand, the weapon gleamed, borne of primal mechanics. And this pledge, he gave the Heavens:

"I will clear a path to man (?). May we celebrate the stray electron defined of patents. Celebrate this plating of the gods, canonization of a strong hand of a slave who set the rock in the revolution.

All hail Saint Atundah! Fifth revolutionary grand iconoclast at Genesis."

Transcription Notes:
Hard to really distinguish what was being said between the 00:00:50 mark and the 00:00:58 mark. It seems that they are characters in a myth so its really a cultural difference when it comes to how they would have spelled out the names vs how I would spell out the name.

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