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Bureau. Expenditures for rent and repairs have been from the regular appropriation for that purpose. In the matter of repairs and outfit also, the cooperation of the freedmen has uniformly been enlisted, and has been found ready and effective according to their means. 

The reasons for our so doing are obvious : the first one being that we can in this way teach more than we could afford to otherwise. 

The net cost of schools supported by the Bureau has been an average of ninety-two cents for each month of tuition enjoyed by each scholar. This average is continually diminishing, the expenditures being in good part for repairs and benches to begin with. 

These various localities are in twenty-three out of fifty-two counties in the State, embracing most of those having many colored residents.* It is believed that the system can be steadily extended without great increase of expenditure, and that a good crop will go far to make the schools now established self-supporting. 

The various amounts thus paid out for the year have been
For employment of Teachers..................$ 3,777 20
For salary of Superintendent................. 1,140 67
For rent, construction and repairs........... 1,715 75
$6,633 62

And the result is thus presented in the aggregate : 

[[footnote]] *During the spring months, small pox prevailed to an alarming extent among the freedmen in North Alabama, causing the decrease in attendance and the early closing for vacation noticeable in the table. 

A new building will be soon finished to take the place of the school house in Stevenson, which was burned in October, when accommodation will be furnished to a still greater number of pupils than before. It is expected that the school at Tuscumbia will be shortly re-opened under the same auspices. At Kings' Station, a teacher sent out from Philadelphia met with encouraging success, but was called away from the work by private business, and it has been deemed unadvisable to re-open the school until a suitable building is prepared.

The principal school at Selma is under the care of the American Missionary Association, and has but just been opened.

It is expected to re-open the school at Marion under a new teacher early in Decemeber. 

Colored teachers have charge as principals of the schools at Troy, Wetumpka, Home Colony, and one of those at Tuscaloosa. 

The attendance for November has been ascertained since this report was written. [[/footnote]]

[[14 columned table]]
|King's Station|---|---|---|102|132|---|---|---|---|---|---|1|1|
|Mount Meigs|---|---|---|---|---|39|45|42|43|45|45|1|1|
|Home Colony|---|---|---|---|---|35|34|36|40|44|46|1|1|