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respecting negroes being forced into slavery.

Office Assistant Commissioner
Bureau R. F & A. L.
Montgomery, Ala, Oct 9th 1865

Respectfully refered to Capt A. L. Brown Asst Supt &c who will at once make a thorough investigation of this case and report thereon.
By order
Brig Gen Swayne
(Sd) C. Cadle Jr

7   B. R.F. & A.L  1865
Endorsement on letter of John Lawrence begging justice for a colored woman on claim of $200.  See L B page 125 No 1

Office Asst Com Ky & Tenn
Bureau R. F & A. L.
Nashville, Oct 3d 1865

Respectfully referred to Brig Genl Wager Swayne Asst Com'r for Alabama with the recommendation that Summary Measures be adopted for the collection of this woman's money.  The case I know to be one that merits summary treatment.
(Sd) Clinton B. Fisk
Brig Gen U.S.A.
& Asst Com'r

Office Asst Commissioner
Bureau R. F & A.L
Montgomery, Ala. Oct 10th 1865

Respectfully referred to Col Geo D. Robinson Supt Dist of Mobile, who will place these papers in the hands of a trustworthy and competent lawyer for the collection of the claim
By order of Brig Gen W. Swayne


8   B.R.F. & A.L.  1865
Endorsement in communication of S.S. Gardner Asst Supt asking for office furniture & other matters.

Office Asst Commissioner
Bureau R.F & A.L
Montgomery, Ala. Oct 10th 1865

Respectfully referred to Capt T.J. Kerr Chief Q.M. &c.
By order of Brig Gen Wager Swayne
(Signed) C. Cadle Jr

Office Chief Quarter Master
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen
and Abandoned Lands
Montgomery, Ala, Oct 17th 1865

Respectfully returned to Bvt Col C. Cadle, A.A.G.
The only way to obtain fuel for Freedmen's Camps & Hospitals is to cut it on the lands, occupied by the Colonies.  The Quarter Master's Department cannot furnish it.
The officer furniture expected from Mobile has not arrived & will all be required at the Head Quarters of the Assistant Commissioner.

Requisition for sufficient furniture to supply the office of officers of this Bureau has been forwarded to the War Department for approval
(Signed) Thos. P. Kerr
Capt & A.Q.M.
Chf Q.M. &c

Office Asst Commissioner
Bureau R. F & A. L
Montgomery, Oct 20th 1865

Respectfully retd. to Chaplain S. S. Gardner Asst Supt and his attention invited to endorsement of Capt T. L. Kerr A.Q.M.

(Signed) C Cadle Jr