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9   B.R.F & A.L   1865
Endorsement of communication of F K Thornton &c.   See E.M No 1

Office Asst Supt
Bureau R.F & A.L.
Demopolis, Ala. Oct 19th 1865
Respectfully returned to Brig Gen Wager Swayne.
No information can be obtained in regard to the written named
(Sd) A. C. Haptonstall
Capt & Asst Supt

Office Asst Commissioner
Bureau R.F & A L.
Montgomery Ala Oct 24th 1865
Respectfully forwarded with reference to endorsement of Capt A. C. Haptonstall, Asst Supt R.F & A.L.
(Sd) C. Cadle Jr
The Assistant Commissioner being absent.

10   B.R.F. & A.L   1865
Endorsement on communication of J.A. Fordin who makes certain statements in relation to his losses by Guerillas.  See L.R page 71. No 1

Office Supt B.R. F & A Lands
Sub Dist Huntsville, Ala
Oct 14th 1865
Respectfully referred to Brig Gen C.B. Fisk Com'r R. F & A. L. Ky, Tenn & North Ala.

J. A. Forden Leases on plantation held by Govt. & to him rented for 1/8th claims that according to orders issued by Gen Hurlbut, and an arrangement with 


Capt Eaton Treasy Agent, he is entitled to one half his losses for last year and this Lost in all 29 horses and mules. Val. of whole /$1740 - To gratify him as he has been a good soldier and officer I refer these papers for definite instructions. I would recommended the allowance to the Col. if I know of a precedent.

(Sd)  T. M. Goodfellow
Chap. Supt &c.
Bureau R.F. & A.L.

Office Asst Commr Ky and Tenn
Nashville, Tenn Oct 17th 1865
Respectfully forwarded to brig Gen Swayne Asst Com'r F.B for Alabama.
(Sd) Clinton B. Fisk
Brig Gen & Asst Comm'r.
Office Asst Comsr.
Bureau R. F & A. L.
Montgomery, Ala. Oct 24th 1865
Respectfully returned to T M Goodfellow Supt Refugees, Freedmen &c. Huntsville, Ala.
This Bureau cannot make good such losses as are within mentioned.
By order of Brig Gen W. Swayne
(Sd)  C. Cadle Jr.

11   B.R.F & A.L.   1865
Endorsement on communication of Brig Gen W. Swayne in relation to chain-gang of Selma.  See L.B page 198. No. 1

Hd Qrs Dist of Montgomery
Montgomery, Ala Oct 4th 1865
Respectfully referred to Col Magee who will prevent women being worked in chain-gang on

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