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Respectfully referred to Maj Gen Howard, Comsr to whom a former letter was referred Decr 9, 1865

By order of the President
(Sd) R. Morrow
War Department
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen &c
Washington, Jany 8th 1866.

Respectfully referred to Brig Genl Wager Swayne Asst Comr &c to whom the previous papers were referred. He will please return this papers with the recommendations mentioned within.

By order of
Maj Gen Howard - Commissioner
(Sd) Max Woodhull
Asst Adjt Genl.
Office Assistant Commissioner
Bureau R. F. & A. L.
Montgomery, Ala, Jany 15th 1866

Respectfully returned with the papers as required.
(Sd) Wager Swayne
Brvt Maj Gen &
Asst. Comsr

17 B.R.F & A. L. 1866
Endorsement on application of Wager Swayne B.M.G. & Asst Comsr for detail of certain enlisted men of the 12th Iowa Vols.
Hd Qrs Dept Alabama
Mobile, Novr 30, 1865

Respectfully referred to Maj Gen Chiltain.

By command of
Maj Gen Chas R Woods


(Sd) Fred H. Wilson
Hd Qrs Dist of Talladega
Talladega, Ala, Decr 8, 1865
Respectfully returned to Dept Hd Qrs.
(Sd) A.L. Chiltain
Brvt Maj Genl.

Hd Qrs Dept of Alabama
Mobile Ala
to Brvt Maj Gen Swayne, Asst Comsr B. R. F. & A. L. Alabama & attention invited to endorsement of Genl Chitlain. He has but two (2) Regts in his District & needs the services of all his officers and men.The Genl Comdr Dist Montgomery will furnish all required assistance to Bureau in his District. This request cannot be complied with, The men & officers should be ordered to their Regts at once.

By command of
Maj Gen C R. Woods
(Sd) Fred H. Wilson

Office Assistant Commissioner
Bureau R. F. & A. L.
Montgomery, Ala. Jany 17, 1866
Respectfully returned.
As these men have been on duty outside of the District in which their Regt was serving without a detail from the Dept Comdr they have been reported "Absent without Leave"
Their Regt is about to be mustered out. They have been ordered to report to their Regts and it is necessary that an order be issued from Dept Hd Qrs placing them right in the record.

Brvt Maj Gen & Asst Comsr

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