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Respectfully returned. Parents certainly have a right to their children, but when children are in good homes, and have been properly apprenticed, and application is made for them by the Parents, the character of the parents should be ascertained as well as their ability to support them, before any action is taken. Applications for the annulment of the indentures, accompanied by a full statement of facts should be forwarded to this office.

By order of 
Bt Maj Gen Wager Swayne

Capt & A.A.A.G.

46   B.R.F. & A.L.  1866
Endorsement on communication of Wilmer Walton, teacher of Freedmen, who remonstrates against the appointment of John McCauley as Agent of the Bureau at Stevenson, Ala

War Dept
B.R.F &c
Washington, Feb 1st 1866

Respectfully referred to Bvt Maj Gen Wager Swayne Asst Com'r for investigation and such action as the interests of the Bureau may require.

By order of
Maj General Howard
(sd) Max Woodhull
Col & A. A. G.
Office Asst Coms'r
Bureau R.F & A.L.
Monty, Feb 10. 1866


Respectfully referred to Bt Col J.B. Callis Supt R.F. & A.L. Huntsville, Ala for report. These papers to be returned.

By order of
Bt Maj Genl Wager Swayne

Capt & A. A. A. G.

[[left margin]] See E & M No 81 page 59. [[/left margin]] 
47   B.R.F. & A.L.   1866
Endorsement on letter of Mrs Alice Nelson who refers letter from Dolly Harris dated Gainsville, Ala. Decr 26/65, who desires transportation to Washington, D.C.

War Dept
B.R.F. &c
Washington, Jany 13th 1866

Respectfully referred to Brig Genl Wager Swayne, Asst Com'r &c. who if he thinks this case comes under General Orders 138, is authorized to grant transportation to this City.

By order of
Maj Gen Howard
Office. Asst Com'r R.F & A.L.
Mont. Ala. Feb 10. 1866

Respectfully referred to Capt J.W. Cogswell, Asst Supt Tuscaloosa who will please refer this paper to some officer of his acquaintance in Gainesville, with the request that he will inquire into this case, and report concerning the condition of this woman.
By order of
Bt Maj Gen Wager Swayne

Capt & A.A.A.G.