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Respectfully returned to Lieut Geo Shockley Sub Asst Commr Selma Ala with the information that no arrangements can be made to furnish supplies as requested within.
By order of Maj Genl. Wager Swayne
J F Conyngham
1" Lieut 24 U.S.I & A.A.A.G.
April 1, 1867

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 5 [[/left margin]]

G 60 Endorsement on letter of A J Gray  A.A. Surg
Inspected on the 31" of March 1867 by Chas J Kipp Bvt Lieut Col and Surgeon U.S.V. Surgeon in Chief Dist of Alabama
Approved the Stores within named will be disposed of as recommended by the Inspector.
Wager Swayne
Maj Genl & Asst Commr
April 8, 1867     

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 6 [[left margin]]

P51 Endorsement on letter of J.S. Pennington War Dept. B.R.F. & A.L. Washington April 4’ 1867  Respectfully referred to Maj Genl Wager Swayne Asst Comm. for Ala for his information Respectfully referred to C W Buckley Supt of Education 
C. Cadle Jr
April 8’ 1867 

[[left margin]] Hd. Qrs. Dist. of Ala. 7 [[/left margin]]

P31 Endorsement on letter of C.W. Pierce Bvt. Maj. etc. War Dept. B.R.F. & A.L. Washington Nov. 27th 1866 Respectfully referred to Col. J.V. Bomford Asst. Comm. for A.C. for investigation and report please return this paper.
By order of Maj. Genl. O.O. Howard
A.P. Ketchum A.A.A.G.

Bureau R.F.& A.L. Raleigh Dec. 4th 66 Respectfully referred to Col. John R. Edie Supt. 
By order of Col. J.V. Bomford
J.F. Chur Bvt. St. Col., A.A.A.G.
Office Supt. B.R.F. & A.L. Western Dist. A.C. Salisbury Dec. 4th 1866.
Reply referred to Mr. Wm. Frazer who will institute inquiries with women to ascertain if the children referred to in this com. are in Randolph Co.
J.H. Eddie Bvt. Col. &c.
B.R.F.& A.L. Randolph Co. A.C. March 28 1867 Respectfully returned. The freedmen Job and Andy are both dead. Elvira is now living with John Saint in Chatham Co. A.C. I have sent for her to come to this office and will await your further orders.
W.R. Frazer Agent B.R.F. & A.L.


War Department Bureau of R.F. & A.L. Washington April 4 1867 Respectfully returned to Bvt. Maj. C.W. Pierce whose attention is invited to the endorsement of Mr. W.R. Frazer hereon.
By order of Maj. Genl O.O. Howard
A.P. Ketchum
Respectfully transmitted to Bvt. Maj. C.W. Pierce Sub Asst Comm Demopolis Ala.
C Cadle Jr.
April 8 1867

[[left margin]] Head Qts Dist. of Ala. 8 [[/left margin]]

T. 31 Endorsement on letter of E.L. Townsend A.A.G. War Dept. Bureau of R.F. & A.L. Washington April 3rd 1867 Respectfully referred to Major General Wager Swayne Asst. Comm. Ala. for immediate report
By order of
Major General Howard
A.P. Ketchum
Bvt. Lieut. Col. A.A.A.G.
Respectfully returned to Bvt. Lieut. Col. A P Ketchum A.A.A.G. of the Bureau Washington D.C. with the information that Lieut. D.G. Jennings 23 U.S. Inft. can be relieved from duty in the Bureau in this District without detriment to the service.
Wager Swayne
Major General
April 9th 1867

[[left margin]] Head Qts. Dist. of Ala. 9 [[/left margin]]

B. 145  Endorsement on letter of Bvt Maj. G.F. Browning 
Respectfully referred to Lieut. E.R. Savage Comdg Prct of Montgomery who will please direct the non commissioned officers referred to herein to report to Bvt. Maj. G.F. Browning Chief Q.M. of the Bureau for this District by 12 M tomorrow or as soon thereafter as practicable.
By order of Maj. Genl. Wager Swayne
J.F. Conyingham
1st Lieut. 24 U.S.A. & A.A.A.G.
April 9 1867

[[left margin]] Head Qrs. Dist. of Ala. 10 [[/left margin]]

G.61   Endorsement on letter of S.S. Gardner S.A.C. Respectfully returned to S.S. Gardner Sub Asst Comm. Greenville Ala. Unless this account be certified to by an officer who will take up the articles on his return and account for them it cannot be paid.
By order of 
Maj. Genl. Wager Swayne
C. Cadle Jr.
April 9, 1867

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