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[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 27 [[/left margin]]

J 16  Endorsement on letter of Bvt Maj John Jones
Respectfully forwarded
J F Conyngham
1st Lieut 24 U.S.I. & A.A.A.G.
The Maj Genl Comdg being absent.

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 28 [[/left margin]]

R 19  Endorsement on letter of H H Raining
Huntsville Ala April 11 1867 Respectfully returned with the information that the attachment on the within mentioned animal has been released and the Horse turned over to Mr. Rainings Attorney

J. Jones
Bvt Maj & Sub Asst Comm

Respectfully returned and attention invited to endorsement of Bvt Maj J Jones
Wager Swayne
Major General

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 29 [[/left margin]] 

A 46  Endorsement on Anonymous letter for Selma
Quarter Master Generals Office Washington D. C. April 16th 1867

Respectfully referred to Major General O. O. Howard Commr. B.R.F & A..L for such action as he may think fit.

C.W. Ruskin
A.Q.M. Genl. Bvt Maj Genl. U.S.A.
War Dept B.R.F. & A.L. Washington D.C. April 18th 1867

Respectfully referred to Asst Comm of Ala for investigation and report.

By order of
Maj Genl O.O. Howard
H.P. Ketchum
Bvt Lieut Col & A.A.A.G.

Respectfully referred to Lieut Geo Shockley Sub Asst Commr. Selma Ala, for strict investigation and full report.

By command of
Maj Genl. Wager Swayne
J.F. Conyngham
1st Lieut 24 U.S.I. & A.A.A.G.

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 30 [[/left margin]]

M 30 Endorsement on letter of J F McGogy
Respectfully returned and attention invited to Circular No. 5 March 15 1867 from these Hd Quarters with which you will comply.

By command of Maj Genl Wager Swayne
J.F. Conyngham
1st Lieut 24 U.S.I. & A.A.A.G.


[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 31 [[/left margin]]

J 15 Endorsement on letter of Lieut G.D. Jennings
Office of A.A.Q M Dist of Ala April 16" 1867 Respectfully forwarded to Bvt Brig Genl Whittilsey Chief Q.M. B.R.F. & A.L.

Gen F Browning
Bvt Maj U.S.A. & Chf Q.M. Dist of Ala
War Dept B.R.F. & A.L. April 18" 1867 

Respectfully referred to Maj Genl Wager Swayne Asst Commissioner for Ala who will please cover report to be made as to the dates when the supplies within referred to were issued. the names of the officers to whom and the manner in which the issues were made, whether upon requisitions for authorized allowances in which case the fuel would be expended on the face of the requisition or by transfer on invoices when it should appear to have been taken up and accounted for by the receiving officer, and especially whether any of this fuel was issued to officers of the Army on duty. in the Bureau to supply their regulation allowance and if so the names and rank of the same. the period for which such issues were made and the quantity issued to each officer. Intelligent instructions cannot be given until the above facts are made to appear.

By command of
Major General O.O. Howard
H. Whittelsey
Bvt Brig Genl & Chf Q.M.

Respectfully returned to Lieut G.D. Jennings A.A.Q.M Huntsville Ala (thro Bvt Brig Genl J.B. Callis Sub Asst Commr.) and attention invited to endorsement upon the Chief Q.M. Office Bureau Refugees Freedmen & Abandoned Lands Washington D.C. which will be complyed with.

By command of
Major General Wager Swayne
J.F. Conyngham
1" Lieut 24 U.S.I. & A.A.A.Q.

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 32 [[/left margin]]

K 39  Endorsement on letter of S.C. King A.A. Surg Office of A.A.Q M Dist of Ala April 4" 1867 Respectfully referred to Brig Gen. H.M. Whittelsey Chf. Q.M. B.R.F. & A.L. Washington D.C. with the information that there are no horses on hand for issue at this place or Mobile or New Orleans. Horses can be purchased for about Two Hundred ($200) dollars each

George F Browning
Bvt Maj & A.A.Q.M. Dist of Ala
War Dept B.R.F. & A.L. Office Chf Q.M. Washington April 11 1867

Respectfully referred to Maj. Gen. Wager Swayne Asst Commr for the State of Ala who will please make report and recommendation in this case as required by Circular letter from Hd Qrs. B.R.F. & A.L.

Transcription Notes:
NOTE 1: Scribe misspells Lieutenant abbreviation as "Leiut" - after examining several of these, the scribe is dotting over the 3rd letter (i). changed "U.S.J." to "U.S.I." (United States Infantry) NOTE 2: Conyngham appears to be an existing surname per Google search.

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