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to his starving family should he be released.
John B Callis
Bvt Brig Genl & S A Commr.
Respectfully referred to the Governor of Alabama
Wager Swayne
May 20" 1869 Maj Genl & Asst Commr.

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 101 [[/left margin]]
A46 Endorsement on Anonymous letter from Selma Hd Qrs Dist of Selma May 3rd 1867
Respectfully returned with the following report Bvt Capt Joseph Groves A.A.Q.M JW Burkholder A.A. Surg U.S.A. B.R.F. & A.L. purchased a plantation situated about 11 miles east of Selma.  Their contract with freedman dates Feby 15th 1867 and stipulates that they shall be furnished one suit if clothing &c. I can find no evidence of their having issued clothing to their hands from the Q.M. Dept since they have been in their employ.  The Govt teams have been used at different times to haul produce &c to their plantation. I find no evidence of this having been done when the teams should have been used in Govt service. Dr Burkholder borrowed of the Dept 20 sacks of corn for plantation use at a time when Capt Groves was absent which has been returned. I can find no other evidence of the appropriation of Govt corn or supplies for use on the Plantation. Capt Groves states that there was no other corn in the city and it was housed as an accommodation purely.  The employees of the Q.M. Dept state to me that they have received their full pay from Capt Groves up to Jany 1" 1867 Carpenter and blacksmith $50 ea per month and laborers $25 per month. Wm M Redpath chief clerk for Capt Groves in Q.M. Dept was engaged in the plantation for several days in Feby 1867. He was given leave to go north soon after. while absent he was dropped and was not home in the rolls for March. He is now engaged managing the plantation for Groves & Burkholder. 
Geo Shorkley
1" Lieut 15 Inft Sub Asst Commr.
Respectfully returned with endorsed report of Lieut George Shorkley Sub Asst Commr at Selma a communication is forwarded this day recommending the muster out of Capt Groves
Wager Swayne
Maj Genl & Asst Commr.
May 20 1867 

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 102 [[/left margin]]
B109 Endorsement on letter of Capt W M [[Beebee?]] Jr
Hd War Dept B.R.F. & AL Washington DC May 14" 1867
Respectfully referred to Maj Genl Wager Swayne Asst Commr Ala who will please cover investigation and report to be made as to the ability and disposition of Wm Thompson of Shirters Station Macon Ala to furnish employment for Janus Marshall within referred to so that he will at once come to be a charge to the Govt should the transportation asked for be granted. These papers to be returned with report.    
By command of Maj Genl Howard Commr.
Henry M Whittelsey
Bvt Brig Genl Chf Q.M. B.R.F. & A.L
Respectfully referred to L.J. Whiting Sub Asst Commr. Montgomery Ala for investigation and report in accordance with endorsement of Bvt Brig Genl H M Whittlsey Chf Q.M. BRF & A.L.
By order of Maj Genl Wager Swayne
O D Kinsman
May 20 Sub Asst Commr

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 103 [[/left margin]]
G76 Endorsement on letter of A A Surg A.J. Gray
Hd Qrs Dist of Ala Office Surg in Chf Montgomery. May 20" 1867 
Respectfully referred to the A.A.A.G. Dist of Ala with the request that Lt Logan A.A.Q.M. at Mobile be directed to comply at once with S.O. No 4 Ext 7 Hd Qrs Dist of Ala dated Apl 16' 1867
Charles J. Kipp
Bvt Lt Col & Surg in Chif
Respectfully referred to Lt J Logan A.A.Q.M. Mobile Ala whose attention is called to endorsement of Lt. Col Kipp Surg in Chief Lt. Logan will at once comply with order named in said endorsement.
By order of Maj Genl Wager Swayne
D.H. Williams
1"Lieut 41 Inft & A.A.A.G.

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 104 [[/left margin]]
C141 Endorsement on letter of Bvt Brig Genl J.B. Callis
Respectfully forwarded to Maj Genl O O Howard Commissioner
O.D. Kinsman
Sub Asst Commr.
In the absence of the Maj General and Asst Commissioner.